• It's a very good possibility. But we won't know if we just accept that pseudo-scientists aren't required to do proper work.
  • No. But we will deepen our understanding of our knowledge.
  • How many things were incorrect? A lot were outdated, odd and inefficient, but not incorrect. Our ideas will change, evolve but not many will be proved wrong
  • I think that is absolutely a possibility. In medicine alone, we are going to look like idiots now, compared to a century from now. Can you imagine what we don't know today?
  • Xtian preachers never admit they are wrong, even when proven beyond shadow of doubt to be completely wrong. Same with the Humanist Priesthood (i.e. scientists). True believers always defend their brand of truth as THE TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So yes, scientific theories trumpeted as THE TRUTH today will be disproven tomorrow, and fanboy scientists will always rant and rage against this butthurt, until so much evidence accumulates against their sacred cow that they have no choice but to accept it, or risk expulsion from the scientific community. Twas always so.
  • It depends on whether we have to accept the last election was rigged. lol😓😕😒
  • What "turned out to be incorrect"? The biggest difference I can see is what Political Correctness is trying to change. But there is nothing "correct" about Political Correctness - it's a cancer on society that bases its principles on Marxism.
    • Victorine
      If you really believe that, you know nothing about Marxism. That word and "socialism" are being tossed around far too casually these days by people who don't even know what they really mean. Political correctness can certainly go too far, but it is not about Marxism, dear. Go back to school.
    • Linda Joy
      So are the words "Christian", "Democrat", "Republican", "arrogant", "ignorant", and "Uneducated"
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      @Linda Joy - They aren't being tossed around. They are being used correctly. And they are being used against the people who thought Trump won the last election, the people who tried to overthrew the government and the people who get Coronavirus because they won't get vaxed. They are ignorant and stupid. As to Republican yes, they mostly are. Its also the Republicans who are causing all the trouble so I am not losing sleep over your demise. lol If you are too stupid to go unvaxed it isn't MY FAULT. Go ahead, don't get vaxed - with my blessing.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      BTW, ever hear of the Darwin Awards? They're the people who improved the gene pool by leaving it. I'm all for that.
    • Army Veteran
      You're going to be greatly disappointed when the results of the Arizona election audit are made public - which have already triggered audits in Georgia and Wisconsin. Still, however, you'll not acknowledge what has been known all along. The radical Left has been the "denial" party since Hillary lost. What's funny, though, is that for the past 4 years, Democrat voters have been claiming that "Trump is not my President" even though he won in a fair election as certified by the Electoral College - but they insist that Biden won the 2020 election based on certification by the same Electoral College. The only thing Democrats relied on as their "proof" of a Clinton victory in 2016 was the results of the popular vote...after it was as rigged with voting by illegal immigrants, bussing voters to other states to vote in multiple elections (and let's not forget the dead people vote) as the 2020 election was this time around using mail-in ballots. The only difference was that the Electoral College favored Trump in 2016 but favored Biden in 2020 once the claims of voter fraud were deemed "unsubstantiated" and there was a threat of violence in the air if the outcome didn't go "the right way". Same Electoral College but different outcomes based on how the Democratic Party benefitted.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      @1465 "Political Correctness" is a way to be polite. It is like asking if John wants to be called Johnny or Johnathan or Joy-boy. Nothing more. They aren't hard and fast rules. Nobody will go to jail for calling your a Mr, sir or hey you. Its a choice. Get over it.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      @1465 Re: ".after it was as rigged with voting by illegal immigrants, bussing voters to other states to vote in multiple elections (and let's not forget the dead people vote)" A) Where's the beef? I need proof even if you don't.
    • Army Veteran
      I don't consider forced bathroom sharing and men allowed to compete in womens' sports as being "polite". Like the rest of your clan, you're in denial.
    • Army Veteran
      Be patient - you'll get the proof you need when Arizona announced the findings of their investigation. Georgia and Wisconsin were so confident that Arizona would find something that they'll be conducting their own investigations.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      @1465 Re: "1465 I don't consider forced bathroom sharing A) I don't like this either. I agree with you here. ; and men allowed to compete in womens' sports as being "polite". A) I don't know of any men who are trying to get on woman's teams. Like the rest of you thinking it is based on lies.
    • Army Veteran
      I think this conversation is done. "To argue with a person who has renounced his sense of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." - Thomas Paine
  • Knowledge is always evolving; we are always adding to it. That doesn't mean that everything we know now is going to be deemed totally incorrect. Modern scientific method is still relatively new in the world; it didn't exist in the 19th century, for example, and you need to recognize that. For you to take the apparent position that, say, scientists and other experts are always wrong is simply arrogant and ignorant, quite uneducated.
  • if the left would stop telling us lies, we'd have some semblance of truth. recently Pelosi and Schumer are changing the definition of "infrastructure" so they can pass a pork laden bill. the left is sick and despicable!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      We are the only major power that doesn't have high speed rail. In the meantime our cars have increased exponentially. Figure it out for yourself genius. lol
  • I think its logical to assume that some of what we think we know is incorrect, but only the part that is incorrect will need to be corrected. The great part is that we can also build on what others took years to learn by learning and understanding what they learned and taught us. But we should also not assume everything people tell us is a proven fact. Trust, but verify. Especially when there is a political or money driven agenda.
  • Yes, certainly...especially from the point of view of PHYSICS, which is probably the field in which academia was wrong about most of those things. For example: ** I expect the theories of dark matter and dark energy will be rather completely overturned once more data is forthcoming ** I expect that the Earth is quite a bit older than currently estimated, and also the Universe ** etc. These are theories built upon data that is very limited and very incomplete. The same is true of SOME of our knowledge with regard to history, biology (including medicine), paleontology, etc. But many fields of knowledge are less likely to suffer such a fault. For example: chemistry is still chemistry. We know MORE now, but not much of what we DID "know" last century has CHANGED (has been proved WRONG).

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