• I don't find it unacceptable, but I don't think it should be used as a moral compass or a blueprint for one's life (at least when viewed as a whole).
  • I am a believer and so the Bible is important to my religious life, but even non-believers could/should have an appreciation for the Bible as literature. It is one of the most complicated and challenging works to read from the standpoint of literary criticism.
  • Mainly, I find problems with the fact that people take it literally without appreciation for the fact that most of the stories in there are just that... stories.
  • As an athiest, the bible isn't unacceptible to me, as a matter of fact I belive that it is a wonderful book and a wonderful idea, and although I do not belive in christianity I do belive in the lessons it teaches as humanity and a set of moral laws to ensure that people don't just go killing each other randomly is the only way we can move along as a species and continue to prosper. However, this does not mean I am against you or your religion, I simply reject the bible as a storybook. You are entitled to your own opinion however, and I will not look down on you for that.
  • I accept it, I just don't take it as gospel. I think it is archaic and misinterpreted to control the minds & actions of it's followers.
  • it is not unacceptable, it has been written and rewritten by men for there puroses
  • It isn't unacceptable to me... I just don't see it as any kind of proof of anything in the way that some of our Christians on AB do. It is a work of literature, to me it is nothing more than that.
  • Because it deals with a foriegn and alien people and a foriegn and alien hustory that has nothing to do with us except the on going invasion in my country by these people that I would like to see go home and leave us in peace, and pay your debts before you go .. religion has nothing to do with the universe or the creation there of no matter how hard they try and control it to thier own ends .. ~Nemo~
  • I have issues with some of the hypocrisy found within the Bible - how it can be used to propagate any agenda - but that's the nature of the beast, I guess. I don't find it unacceptable; I just don't see it as "the whole truth" ergo I take from it what I like and leave what I don't on the cutting room floor.
  • Because you are in bondage to sin,and God will not allow you to understand as Luke 8:10 states.The bible is meant for those who love God,and His elect.The bible says the things of God will seem foolish to them.God's word is a sword huh.
  • Why should I have to explain it to you or anyone else?
  • I do not find it unacceptable. As most have said I find it a great read and set of loose guidelines. But then again it has been written and changed and rewritten by man for a very long time and as we all should know there are three sides to every story Your Side My side and The Truth So the people that have written this book have added what they thought was the truth or taken away what they believe was not the truth to fit their own beliefs
  • You have to accept it and believe it. Jesus said to Thomas. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. I think if you find comfort in this message, good for you. I DON"T BELIEVE IT. So why pick a fight?
  • its not....just unacceptable to those who can't ACCEPT HIM in my personal view....:)
  • It's not. I just find it unnecessary to worship it, like so many other folks insist that I do.
  • Unacceptable in what way? I find it an interesting (and often disturbing) read; I just have absolutely no desire to use it as a guide to my life.
  • becuase I could write a better book myself with what I have seen wrong... I have a new religion every day, today I will attend the agnostic church of contemporationists.

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