• The one I use is 100Mbps and I think that's good enough. +3
  • It depends what you want to do with it! for normal light browsing and email use then anything over 1Mbs will be fine. For heavier use then you want to be looking at anything over 2Mbs. I personally have about 6Mbs which is plenty for me (and I run streaming servers from home)
  • If you are a customer of Insight BB then 10 is sufficient :)
  • 12-26-2016 What do you mean by "good"? I have a 1 MB cable service (Time Warner) for which I pay 15 bux a month and I like it just fine. I can watch videos and download stuff. The only problem is it cuts out for a few minutes now and then. I used to have 5 MB service (TDS) for which I paid 50 bux a month and it would cut out for a few hours. When I called customer service the little girl essentially said it was not their responsibility to provide good service.

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