• I don't have scars. You are mistaken.
  • One from a garden fork, one from a bow-saw, another from a knife & a couple from minor operations.
  • I was stabbed leaving kindergarten my first month of school.
  • Which one? Most of them are covered. But I have five scars on my right leg from separate incidences. Motorcycle exhaust burn, cut by a bike chain, two slashed by broken glass and stabbed with a knife. My arms have white freckle spec marks from multiple grease burns, I burned the inside of my right upper arm on a hot meat slicer, hot grease washed over my right hand, I have a radiation burn scar over my entire right breast and under it, along with surgery scars from cancer and a mediport implanted in my chest and then removed. They cut my jugular, too while I was fully awake!! There's the c section scar where my son was removed and a small cut on my femeral artery from when they inserted my pacemaker and the first abdominal scar came from being run over by a car before school age. Gall bladder removal caused four scars and of course a few from chicken pox, scraped knuckles, and leg shaving😄. I'm sure there are more. This is just what came to mind first. And there are also internal scars... child abandonment, physical, sexual, mental and marital abuse, etc.
  • Scar from a cyst removed from between my breasts.

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