• Power it down. Save some energy.
  • Turn it off.
  • Depends on who pays the electric bill.
  • Due to a possible short circuit or fire hazard, it is better to turn in off. By the way you also save energy. Regards.
  • Better to turn it off for a number of reasons. It saves electricity. Systems work better if re-booted regularly. Hibernate is a great tool (system is back up in thirty seconds). I usually go to hibernate for a few days, then do a complete restart.
  • That's a good question that I've been asked several times in the past. If you're running a new computer with Windows Vista or Mac OS X then I would suggest just allowing your machine to go into sleep mode when not in use. It'll start up faster from sleep mode. You may even shorten the life a bit if you power it off each day or several times in one day. My recommendation is to only power it off if you're going to be away for a couple of days or if there is a chance the power will go off. Modern personal computers use negligible amounts of electricity when they are in sleep modes. They really only keep enough juice flowing for the memory modules and the motherboard. Everything else (fans, network card, monitor, etc.) will power off.
  • i used to leave mine on but i found it worked so much better when i turned it off

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