• Try changing the router's MAC address to match that of the computer you hooked directly up to the modem. It sounds weird, but I found I was able to work around a similar problem I had with a local cable ISP's connection. When I hooked a laptop directly to the cable modem in that instance, it got an IP address from the ISP through ISP's DHCP server. I then tried to hook the router up and get an address in a similar manner, but kept seeing errors in the router's log saying the DHCP lease failed or something similar. I went through the router's web-based configuration to change its MAC address to match that of the network adapter on my laptop, then plugged the router back in to the cable modem. It was then able to renew the DHCP lease and get a valid IP address from the ISP's connection. If you need more details let me know; this doesn't seem like an ordinary kind of workaround.
  • The first answer was good, however in the event you do not know how to go in to your router and change the Mac address there is a much easier solution. Simply unplug the power to your modem and router, then plug in the power to your modem only and wait about 30 seconds for your modem to start up then plug in your router. You then should bee able to get online. Many routers have a firewall in them that blocks the internet if there is a power serge and the modem does not have a chance to go online before your router.
  • Configure it for access point it will work correctly. Thanks
  • Is it a new router? If so, you need to check the compatibility with your service provider - and even if it's on your service provider's list of compatible routers, it still may not work. If your service provider is Xfinity, click the following link. Your Netgear model is probably listed. But don't stop there. In the second column on this page, you'll see the model number. If there is a tiny symbol next to it (diamond) it indicates an Intel Puma Chipset Defect – Do Not Buy. There is a link at the top that takes you to another page that better explains this. ¶ If your service provider is Xfinity and the model number of your Wi-Fi router is C6300v2 - and you bought it from a guy in Salt Lake City, please let me know in a comment to this. I bought one from him from Ebay and spent over a month getting a refund. He might have sold it again knowing it was defective.

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