• ..the sight of my beautiful pup...she's gone now but I'll never forget her..she made everything just a bit better by being around...
  • 9/11 It will be hard to ever get that image out of my head ;o( +5
  • My National Security code :)+
  • Funny that you asked. I was just today remembering about a day in the mountains some 45 years ago, when I went on a day trip to the mountains. Today, as I drove past the mountain where I fell while hiking and "rolled over" a patch of cactus, that I had to ride the one hour trip back home on my stomach, there were so many cacti spikes in my butt. That day is burned into my brain forever!
  • Being married...never again....
  • Your avatar!
  • Only the things I want to be there. I am still working on that.
  • Seems bad memories hold on to me better than the good ones. I got bad news lately and the words that were used to tell me will forever be burned into my memory. Heartbroken.......I am truly heartbroken!! That is why today "NUNYA wraps her arms around for hugs"+5
  • A Great White Owl that flew low over my head, just long enough for me to have him forever burned in my mind.
  • the truth is i should have listened to smokey whn he said "only you can prevent brain fires, only you"
  • My Father beating me bloody with the brass buckle on his leather belt when I was a child. I got even though, at 15 he started in on me and I turned the tables. I broke his nose and the fingers on his good hand.
  • How wonderful life has been. Even though there has been plenty and plenty of hard times, I still remember the care free feeling.
  • The sight of my father choking my mother in the bathroom until she passed out on the floor. My wonderful son holding his beautiful child in his arms. The look of love in his eyes as he looked from his daughter to his wife.
  • Stupid commercial jingles like "Rice-a-roni, the San Fransisco treat." "From the valley of the Jolly, ho-ho-ho... Green Giant". "Sorry, Charlie, Starkiss wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste." "Plop-plop, fizz-fizz, oh what a relief it is... I can't believe I ate the whole thing." "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the ve-ry best... Cho-late..." HELP!
  • a few witty ab q and a's have made their way lately... I should keep track of the urls for an ab favorite posts of all time question *.*
  • an abusive realationship
  • my ishta mantra.......that is the sacerd name of my beloved Lord given By my revered that i can remember untill death
  • Traumatic childhood memories.
  • Well, there was that time I tried to put out a cigarette by shoving it down my ear. The blister scarred over and sealed up a memory that I can't retrieve. I think it had something to do with the proper way to extinguish cigarettes.
  • memories of losing all my family members cheer up subie... but now its sex, female feet and legs
  • First meeting my Dom/first time with him, etc...fearful and panicked feelings in junior high...the feeling of tattoo needles drilling my lower back...the first (and only) time I saw my father cry...the blissful innocent 'ignorance' before real life experiences when hope was unlimited lol.
  • When i was younger i was awake one night when i heard my parents having sex in the room next door which has scared me for life :P All i can say is i had my stero speaker next to my ear up loud for the rest of that fateful night lol

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