• What exactly are you talking about? If you mean mainstream films, depicting rape in the movie does not mean they are endorsing rape. Movies show murder, bigotry, violence- lots of stuff to tell a story. That does not mean any of it is good or to "get off". If you are talking about some type of violent porn, then there are all kinds of men out there- who knows what gets some people off or why. That does not reflect most or all men.
  • It is indeed a sterotype which I also do not like at all. Scenes where women are raped and humiliated just turn me extremely off. For me it is no pleasur at all but I think it must the taste of those who produce these movies as well as it is the traste of those who like to see these movies. I just wonder what would happen if women would rape and abuse men in movies this like? I think this would be called ugly pornography, although women do not any thing different as that what males are usually doing.
  • I never looked at it that way. I've always seen it as a despicable act and seeing it in a movie, I always thought it drew attention to the problem. I've seen some movies with very violent rape scenes. It makes me want to find a rapist and return the violence.
  • it dont sound okay to me

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