• the u.s. government sold it to them
  • The same kind of flying saucer that crashed in New Mexico, crashed over there
  • The technology was sold to them. War is a business.
  • They aren't dumb over there you know...there were a number of countries developing the atomic bomb during WWII including Germany and Japan. Many do not know Japan detonated its nuclear device between the two bombs dropped on Japan by the USA. They just did not have a way to deliver it yet.
  • Much the same way the US got it. Captured German scientists in colaberation with existing knowledge of the process.
  • Well, the Soviets had their own scientists, plus the German scientists they got during WWII as well. They were on track for developing their own nuclear weapons through their own weapons research during and immediately following WWII. However, when Lavrentii Beria took over their program in 1944, knowing about American research and development into this, their program shifted DRASTICALLY. Klaus Fuchs was their primary spy from within the Manhatten Project. He kept them informed on American progress and R&D. The Soviet push became more and more a program to DUPLICATE American R&D rather than to develop their own. This was ESPECIALLY important following the successful testing and deployment of the first nuclear weapons. In fact, their first atomic test (First Lightning, on August 29, 1949) was litterally an EXACT COPY of our Plutonium "Gadget/Fat Man" bomb, first detonated during the Trinity test on July 16, 1945 and dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. This was on Beria's insistance, because he felt that duplicating American technology was the absolute FASTEST way to put nuclear weapons at the disposal of the Soviet Union, even though his own scientists were absolutely sure their own R&D would develope better designs. Their H-bomb R&D, though again utilizing information from American R&D, did not follow the same tactics of duplication like it did for their Atomic Bomb project. Their hydrogen R&D utilized a lot of their own innovations to produce a staged hydrogen weapon with a different fuel than ours did. I recommend the following books by Richard Rhodes if you're interested: The Making of the Atomic Bomb Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb He has a third book in his series on nuclear weapons which I haven't read yet: Arsenals of Folly: The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race He covers the history of nuclear weapons development (and more) VERY thoroughly in these books.
  • they developed it by themselves
  • They had very smart and well educated people working for them & were able to develop it themselves
  • They had some very smart people working for them, but they also stole nuclear technology from the US and Britain from people like the Rosenburgs and that moron Oppenheimer who inadvertently gave them the info. Some of the most crucial information was stolen. Primarily because Stalin wanted it quick, he couldnt wait for them to develop it on their own.
  • american infidels!!!

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