• the tasty freeze is a restaurant, i assume, probably an ice cream place, or a place like dairy queen that specialises in ice cream but sells chili dogs and such too. I thought it was "sucking down chili dogs," as in eating them quickly, but I might not be listening closely.
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  • "Tasty Freeze" would be a generic roadside drive in restaurant, they usually open in the spring and close in the fall, and always feature Ice Cream. "Sucking on a Chili Dog" means eating a hot dog topped with chili...
  • Sucking on a chilli dog probably refers to sucking on the end to prevent dripping (Chilli dogs can be very messy). Tastee Freez is a restaurant in the US that's been around since the 50's. It's similar to Dairy Queen.
  • Yeah or more simply eating a hotdog with chili on it. Other examples to clarify. Sucking down a cold one = drining a beer. get it? got it? good? I know all the oldies. Ask anytime
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  • Tasty Freeze is an ice cream and fast food place. Scking down a chili dog i like saying. Eating a hot gog with chili on it very fast, to simulate actually sucking it down. If you don't know chili is a dish made thus: Ground meat sauteed with chopped peppers and onions Kidney beans Tomatoe Sauce flavored with Chili powder There are thousands of variation so don't lest start a war. Cook that up put that on a hot dog in a bun. That is a CHILI DOG

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