• I think flowers are an awesome gift and I never wish I had the money. The thing about flowers is that they say "I care". That's the only purpose they serve other than being pretty. It's the point that the giver wanted to give a message and took time to do it. If you can find out what the lady's favorite flower is or what she likes, then it's even more special.
  • I love flowers...but I see what you are saying. I guess it depends on the person. +5
  • No, i would never want the money! I love flowers, They can say so much, from a simple thankyou to a love you always. I think flowers are the perfect gift at any time:)+
  • A gift is a gift. If you question what you receive you didn't deserve it in the first place.
  • I love to get flowers!
  • No I love getting flowers, I receive them so rarely. I also value the sentiment and the thought, and so am grateful rather than wishing I could have the money. Where is the thought in just giving somebody money? It is the thought or the effort that counts.
  • I love getting flowers!!!
  • Flowers are a lovely gift and I would love to get them.
  • Would love the flowers, hate the money. The flowers mean that you took the time to go and pick them up specially. Money's a crappy, detached gift.
  • I love to get flowers - they look beautiful and each flower has its own distinctive scent. The fact that somebody has taken the time and trouble to choose something for me (not to mention the money spent) would make me feel very special indeed. I have never wished for the money.
  • I love receiving flowers. They are cheerful, fresh, colourful sometimes fragrant. They really brighten up the room. There is nothing like waking up the next morning, walking into that room and seeing and breathing in the scent of those flowers. Fresh cut flowers do for your eyes, nose and senses, what a gift of chocolate does for your taste buds but without the offending calories. What a perfect gift. Anyone who has money can give money, but it takes a little more effort to choose and give the gift of fresh cut flowers.
  • Welp, a gift is a gift and you should just be happy you got a gift in the 1st place. Anyone who knows me though, knows that I hate to get flowers. It just isn't my style.
  • I don't think they are the perfect gift, but I appreciate it all the same...I would rather have a gift certificate for my hair or nail salon...but like I said I appreciate the thought all the same!
  • Flowers are wonderful!
  • Women go crazy for weeds. I buy them and feel it's a waste of hard earned money, but in the past years I have planted perrenials and roses on my property. Soon I will give my own. Last week I bought a flower gift that cost nearly 50 dollars. I would have gladly written a check to the woman in the hospital. Ladies wouldn't that have suited you better?
  • I LOVE getting flowers! I think that could be because I hardly ever get any. I think they are really really nice
  • As I grow up - I honestly would prefere a plant instead. But that someone offers you a gift (no matter what it is) is VERY much appreciated. Would I prefer Cash -- nope - too lazy in my opinion.

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