• I have been in Sacramento, our state capitol but I have never been to Washington, D.C. I thought Sacramento was beautiful! :) Happy Sunday Mrs. C! :) ((hugs))
  • I have visited my state's capital city. I think Boston is a great city with a lot to offer if you look in the right places, but it can also be a terrible place.
  • Yes both provinces. Can be intimadating but lots to see
  • Yes, I have and they're steeped in interesting history with their art galleries, museums and cool places to see. Tons of traffic and expensive parking, food and accommodations.
  • Springfield....Eh, it's alright.
  • I found Washington DC to be extremely interesting. The tour of the White House was really great but the museums in DC are beyond description. Just absolutely the most interesting places. It would take weeks to go through them and really be able to appreciate all that is there. And the monuments are beautiful. Sacramento was ok. Been there a hundred times. State capitol building is nicely done but that was about all that impressed me. I really prefer the small towns although they are becoming a thing of the past. Some of my favorites are Pope Valley, Valley Springs, Jamestown, Twain Harte, Bootjack, and Coulterville. I live in NJ now but haven't been to Trenton and, when I lived in NY, I never made it to the capitol, either. New York City with it's five boroughs is fascinating, though. Manhattan has enough stuff to last you for years.
  • I lived in Richmond, so that was a capital. And, with D.C. being the main big city nearby, I used to go there quite a bit. Concerts, events, etc. I never toured the White House, but I passed all that stuff frequently. Now, I have no reason to go all the way to Albany!
  • I've driven "around" my state capital many, many times and still haven't driven "into" it to explore. I understand it's actually quite nice. (Sacramento, CA) I've been to the U.S. Capital - Washington, D.C. - many times and can't say enough good things about it. A lot to take in from the Washington or Jefferson monuments to the White House to all the Smithsonian museums (need a few years just for those) to the National Archives and Library of Congress. Just standing on "The Mall" is impressive. Then there are all the other memorials .. the Vietnam Wall .. the FDR park .. many, many more. Haven't toured the CIA or FBI (can you see both?) or seen the Holocaust Museum .. Have driven out of DC over to Arlington National Cemetery .. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and changing of the guard .. JFK's gravesite and eternal torch .. on and on. Those red bus tours are great to get an overview .. and jump on/off if you like. Guess you can see I love Washington, D.C.!!
  • I have visited it! in fact the Texas state capital is taller than the nation's capital
  • London England, there are lots of places to visit Buckingham Palce, Museums, Houses of Parliment ect, But far too busy and noisy for me! I prefer more quiet places like the countryside:)+
  • ALL the time. I love it, which is why we go whenever we get the chance. My brother lives there also, and some friends, its always fun.
  • My capital city is Canberra, a long way from where I live. I have been there twice and have enjoyed both visits. For any Australian who wants to know the history of our country, go there. You will never regret it.
  • I have been through my state capital but that is the extent of it. invis. +5
  • Twice this year---Ottawa's well worth the visit!
  • I have visited Hartford, a city that I don't plan on spending much time in at all. One of the worst capital cities I've ever been to. I have only driven through Washington D.C. I would like to spend a few days there and do the tourist thing :-)
  • I live in my country's capital city. I love it.
  • I live there =) I have travelled abroad a fair bit, and visited so many cities - London is, by far, my favourite city of all of them. I really do love London. It has a soul and character which so many appear to be devoid of. I love that there are 1000+ year old buildings down the road from ultra-modern architecture.
  • I've just been to our capital city, Wellington, so my eldest daughter could register for university next year. It's quite a small city, only 4% of the population compared to our main city Auckland which has about 30%, but it has a large young population and the highest median income,probably due to parliament being there. It's hellish to get around - the steepest hillsides I've ever walked up and windy to an extent that makes you walk almost horizontally - but it's got a great central shopping area and tons of theatres and shows. Now that my daughter will be living there, I plan to visit more often and explore some of the wonderful art and cultural activities there.PS I googled the 10 windiest cities in the world and Wellington was at the top.

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