• Actually horses are my favorite animals. Well, there right up there with dogs, dolphins, cats and other felines.
  • I am too! +5
  • Not at all, I love horses
  • Nope. Horses are so gorgeous and strong. But I'm afraid of flies, and thats pretty odd
  • No,I always loved horses.They are big but they don`t want to hurt us.Some are wilder if they aren`t treated well.Some bigger ones are harder to control but they usually are not mean.Powerfull but not mean,usually.Don`t walk to close to the tail,some kick.Some bite.But most are surprisingly nice.
  • Except that some horses can and do give a good nasty bite to strangers disturbing them when they are grazing, horses are mostly gentle animals. Some of them who don't like the smell of human flesh do not bite but kick with their poweful hind legs. And they can kick really mean. If they kick a man on his groins it could be really damaging. You could avoid any mishp by taking care to stay by their sides. No need to be afraid of horses only be cautious. Just stay off their back or where they can reach you with their teeth. You will be fine. Do you find my tips helpful?
  • I'm not afraid of them.. I respect them.
  • If you get a trained riding horse, you should not get any trouble. But you need to know how to approach and saddle one.
  • Christopher Reeves was thrown from one and became paralyzed. He never recovered and later died. Christopher Reeves did what not many can. Christopher Reeves was Superman.
  • Nope, but I don't really like horses though
  • Yes to a certain extent. Got bitten on the stomach by one, had the biggest hickey you've ever seen, had one take off back home thru the bush with me hanging on for dear life and I had a pony that threw me off onto a barbed wire fence. But I love animals, and although I'm cautious around horses, I think I'm not nearly as afraid as I should be...
  • No not at all. I have been around horses all my life and was fortunate to learn much about them at a very young age. I currently have five horses and have no difficulty maintaining pleasant interactions with each of them, as a result of a relationship based on mutual respect :)
  • No, I Love horses and have had them since I was 8-9 years old. My husband and I had a horse ranch for many years, we bred Appaloosas and Quarter Horses. It's only the last 4-5 years we haven't had our own and I miss them dearly. I have always loved horses. Must be all those Westerns I saw as a child.
  • Nope. Horses are cool :)
  • as a child, i got thrown off into a cow pie, and almost feel off a couple other times. once, while atop the horse, he kept trying to bite me. once, riding back to the barn, the horse decided to go 100mph and i almost got decapitated on a tree limb. i like horses, but my less-than-competent experiences have made me afraid of them.
  • I get kinda nervous standing behind a horse or when a horse turns it's rear end to me because i got kicked right on my knee cap. Besides that, no, i'm not afraid of them.
  • No i love horses. i use to ride a few years ago.
  • Kewl Guy, you aren't alone or unwise in your fear. Horses are wonderful partners and companions. They are tremendously useful and wonderful friends. But they are also very dangerous and they can easily maim or kill you. A wise horseman learns as much as s/he can about them from the best horsemen s/he can find and even so might suffer grievous injury. I know two different very good horsemen who have lost eyes to a horse, one of them lost both eyes. You shouldn't fool with horses unless you are willing to take those risks. I'm not afraid of horses, but I do have a deep respect for them. Even so, I've been kicked, bitten, body slammed, stomped, picked up by the throat (with my carotid and jugular between the mare's teeth, and picked up by the skin of my back. I've got scars on my legs where a horse's shoe tore my skin and grazed the bone. I've been run away with, bucked off, reared over backwards on (thankfully she landed on my leg and not my body). Each time, I got back up and went back to work the next day. It is just part of life with horses. If you aren't willing to get beaten up and still give the horse the same loving and kind care the next day, its best to stay away.
  • No. If you feel anxious about being around horses - just talk to them. Your fear will become less.
  • Yes Their beedy black eyes freak me out
  • Not at all. Horses are lovely animals. You may have had a bad encounter with a horse in your past to make you afraid of them.
  • I rode from a very young age. Horses are flight animals there's something about them that gets my admiration when you can form a relationship with them it's rewarding. Most riders don't get that, you have to have you hands in muck, and do more than just ride them if you really want to know them, to get that close you can lay on their neck when they are laying in the stable.

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