• i (secretly) make friends with girls that make me look skinnier
  • No. But I bet they're jealous of my delicious curves.
  • No I am not very big.
  • No, because i am skinny too..:)
  • I am a heavy set person and no, I am not jealous, secretly or openly. That's the way they are and this is the way I am. I sometimes wish I could be slimmer, but you know, I'm not going to let it keep me from enjoying life. And when you spend your time being jealous of what others have and you don't, then your not enjoying the life you do have. So, I'm just going to enjoy life, my skinny friends, and my heavy set friends. Life isn't that long, I'm going to make the most of the time our Lord has given me.
  • nope. me and my friends are all about the same size. but even so, a lot of my friends dont get jealous of one another's "skinny-ness" (lol..dont think thats a word....) girls i know get jealous of curves =) skinny doesnt always equal pretty. so thats really nothing to get jealous over... =)
  • no i'm not. what i don't like is people's views on the ugliness of fat. i'm chunky. by about half. i'm 5'3" and i weigh about 190 lbs. you'd think i'd show it. my mom's taller and she weighs about ten pounds more. and she shows it a lot. but i don't. and i know people don't like that i look chunky. but i'm ok with my weight. it's mostly muscle anyways. i wish people wouldn't think i'm unattractive because of my fat. but it's very immature to think that way so why do i even bother to tell people to grow up. i've met a few people who actually love fat people and they have rocking bodies with abs and everything. so i wonder where they grew up so i could go with them. lol
  • To some extent, I am very self conscious about that, though I am pretty thin myself. I just try not to let it get to me as much anymore, I used to be terrible about that, and I didn't even realize it.
  • No, simply because I'm not a very heavy person. But my friend is jealous of me and the weird part is..she tells me so. Whenever she does. I don't even know what to say or even react. I just want us to be friends, not worrying about our inner shallow kinda sucks, ya know.
  • Only the skinny toned ones, not the ones who are anyrexick skinny without trying.
  • its not so much jealousy as an aggravation. i used to be the skinny girl who was friends with the chunky girls so id be the one all the guys paid attention to. then one day i realized things changed nd i was the chunky girl and they all lost weight nd now i stand out. sometimes i wish i looked like them, but when it really comes down to it, i'm me nd i love the way i look even tho i am kinda big, but what i have that they dont, ive got a boyfrien that i've been with for 2 years, they all bounce from guy to guy. so in all i think their jealous of me because i've got the stable relationship they all wish for. so looks don't really matter to me anymore because my boifriend loves me for me.
  • Secretly? no. Openly? yes
  • It's no secret.
  • most of these people said no. hmm is there something wrong with me that i do.. and yer it is secretly to. i pretend it doesnt bother me. Im not big- but i still get jealous
  • Does that mean that I am the winner because I am the skinniest of all my friends?
  • Openly skinny, though at my age, I do not think that raises any jealousy.
  • No, I envy those who are comfortable being just the way they are.+5
  • at 5'4", 135 lbs, I am the thinnest of my female freinds, BUT, i turn green when I see a 90lb 17 yr old because my truly beloved trips over himself, tongue wagging, threatening to possibly hump her leg. it makes me feel very inferior, especially when he comments on how perfect she is, and how big I am.
  • No. I am thin myself. There are girls who have told me they wish they were skinny like me because I'm not too fat and I'm not too skinny, whatever that's supposed to mean. I just don't care. I think their body types are fine! What matters more to me is being healthy.
  • No, I am not. I am jealous at times of their youth and energy. Most my friends are about 15 to 20 years younger than me.

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