• Take him to the Vet and find out what is wrong . we cannot diagnose what is wrong wih a sick animal. It sounds worrying to me.
  • You need to get this dog to a VET IMMEDIATELY..That the breathing is "off" makes it an emergency situation. He may have swallowed something that he shouldn't have, he could have advanced cancer...there is NO WAY anyone ON LINE can make a reasonable suggestion to you... Little things like checking the Temp, the Heart Rate, and the breathing, his/her level of hydration are imperative to figuring out exactly what the problem IS. GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND CALL YOUR VET NOW.
  • Hi Meecia, Sorry your dog is having problems. Your question would best be answered by a vet. So call, explain the problem, let him make the decision on whether this situation is an emergency. Just a few suggestions. The next time you write in, state the age of your dog. This would be very helpful in trying to figure/ rule out possible illnesses. What might apply to an old dog, such as bad teeth, would not apply to a young dog. Pale membranes and breathing difficulties could be associated with congestive heart failure. Weight loss - a ton of reasons: worms, diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency, alimentary/intestinal mal absorption etc. But if you noticed weight loss only now then I suspect something was going on with your dog earlier. Good luck and give us an update.
  • If you haven't gone to vet yet... you are asking for your dog to die.... This is an EMERGENCY!!!!
  • Ummmm....take him to the vet instead of asking people here.
  • take him to the vet

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