• Honestly? No. You need experience and frame of reference to know what true love is all about. Period.
  • I don't see why not. How many adults can really describe what love is? It is such an emotional, individual and personal thing that I don't believe we can tell any teenage girl or boy that they don't know what love is. Sure, an awful lot (maybe even a majority) are very confused and wrongly believe they are in love [that is evident from some of the questions we see here] but I don't believe that applies to everybody. I believe they can be in love since being 15 isn't *neccesarily* a bar to being mature and interpreting feelings correctly... because thats what I think it comes down to, an interpretation of feelings not an absence of feelings.
  • Depends on the relationship.......Parent Daughter Siblings I would say yes.......of course my 15 year old daughter wont admit it but of course they know love . If your talking of the relationship of the external kind such as a boyfriend girlfriend thingie they go through at that age, nope.........hell at that age I was in love at least 5 times a week with different guys, anyone that was cute I fell in love with, lol ...........This state of mind and heart is not something they at that age can truly grasp. It is learned over time, its called maturing, and you can't escape being a young teen in love, just as you can not escape being an adult in love.
  • not in a romantic sense.
  • Not in this day and time. They are too imature and kiddish to even know true love.
  • You can know love at any age; it's just that as you get older, you continue to define what love is. Think about the first person you had a crush on - what, 9, 10...12, 13 years old? And it was so real - so true - you loved them. But then when you're 15 you look back and think, "That wasn't love; I was just a silly kid. But my boyfriend now, I love." Then, you go to college, and look back at yourself in high school and think, "What a silly kid I was; that wasn't love - THIS is love." And then, years later, you look back, and...this never changes. That change in mindset is a constant. You will always change; your definition of love will always change; but that never makes what you feel any less real or honest.
  • They can know what infatuation and lust are for sure. Whether you know what love is depends on whether you've been raised to understand commitment, responsibility, self-sacrifice and reliability. Love is a life time commitment, not a flutter in the groin.
  • N O !! But you can start to love someone at around 15 and in a few years actually grow to love him.
  • You can know what 14-15yrs old love is, sure. I hate to generalize. Damn, you can fall in love at that age and stay with that partner for a life time. It depends. Some never know how to love. Some know it naturally.
  • Honestly Yes, These generation girls are well matured and they well know about LOVE, romantically and Emotionally!
  • Probably not the one adults get to know but they have their own, I remember, they were cute times
  • On the whole. . .no. . .I don't think so !
  • Yes, as I know that I did and I am still in love with him, my husband of nearly 36 years, but I find that it's very unusual to be as serious minded as we were. But it helped that he was almost 19 and we both looked at our relationship as being a permanent one, looking for a spouse, not just dating and having fun. We didn't even have sex until we wee married.
  • most probably not! because their hormones are upside down and whatnot they fall in love with all kinds of men, especially members of boy groups or actors. the crazy ones even go for artists. if some of them could, it's gonna be a very tough task to find them.
  • Honestly they can!....Only romantic love is not true Love...A non romantic love b/w a mother and child is love too....When puppies and kittens can love their mommies, don't u think a 14 yr old love? That means she knows what love is...But she still has a long way to go to differentiate b/w infatuation and love.
  • I think that any kind of love...even teenage love that doesn't usually last... is still love. I remember my teenage love and how we felt for eachother. We were best friends first of all and we cared deeply about eachother.
  • Uh like OMG chyeahh totally! of course it's not the same kind of understanding or depth of love 2 people who are older and have more wisdom and experience can comprehend. At that age, kids have hormones running rampant and think they know, but they don't really know, they can't know, they haven't lived enough to know.
  • Shakespeare seemed to think so.
  • Not really I think they can know what love is. It is an age where they are between child and adults. Sometimes their body is faster and they look like young women and at the same time their mind is that of a child. A difficult age because you are torn by two sides and sometimes you do not know to which side you belong. I remember it was sometimes a very hard time.
  • My friend's ALWAYS say they 'love' their boyfriends but i'm not sure that they do i'm fourteen btw teenagers know love just not when they are 'in love' hope this has helped :)
  • let me answer your question with another question, do you think a girl, same age your speaking of, knows more about love then some one three to four years older? i dont think so, no i dont think so

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