• I would really think about it, I got my first one last December at age 21 and it took me a year to figure I wanted it. That being said, maybe try a discrete area that can be concealed so the tattoo won't interfere with you getting a job later on in life. Maybe on your back, shoulder, ankle or even inner hip bone if you like that idea. Best wishes! :)
  • I recommend that you don't get a tattoo! Its a general opinion from my side and nuffin else! I neither got one. I believe that it spoils skin and can never be removed.
  • If your mum doesn't know about your plan she is so going to kick your arse when she sees it.
  • i have two tattoos, and i love them. but something like that, you might want to think about for a long time. i would wait til i was 18 if i were you. 1. if it's not done professionally, it's DEFINITELY a bad idea. 2. if you wait until you are legally old enough to get it, you may change by then. when i was younger, i thought i was going to get a tattoo of a cross or jesus, and i'm not christian anymore, so i'm really glad i never got one.
  • dont you have to be older? your much too young in my opinion and you'll more then likely regret it
  • Whever you put it, make sure it is somewhere that can be hidden if you need it to be, whether for work or incase you decide one day you don't like it. I would personally think that 15 is too young - you are going to grow so much over the next few years, and your preferences will change, so may your interests. A tattoo defines who you are - and you still haven't fully become who you are going to be just yet. This is just my opinion, I don't mean to offend =)
  • I think getting ANYTHING semi-permanent at age 15 is an unwise idea. I'm willing to bet a dollar that whatever tattoo you get now will be either meaningless or trivial to you by the time you reach age 30. If you do choose to get one, I hope everything goes well. But I think it's a mistake. Good luck.
  • If you are going to a tattoo parlor/shop, you are too young to have it done and most professionals do not want to lose their license. If you get it done by an amateur, you're basically taking a chance on having something permanent come out like crap or having the tattoo deteriorate over time. With that said, I got three tattoos and my first one was when I was 17. I loved my tattoos at the time, but when I had kids of my own and my taste in art AND outlook on life changed, I hated my tatoos. Thank God you can only see one of them if I wear anything above my ankles. The other two are well hidden. In my opinion, I think you should wait.
  • i'd wait i got my 1st when i was 18 which is the minimum european age (legally) it was 1 i waited a while for and 1 i designed myself which made me think really think about it but if your mind is 100% then have it some where subtle the ankle doesnt hurt so much if you have a good artist working
  • How about getting a temporary tattoo and do a dress rehearsal? Look at someone in your life who is three times your age and picture that person with the tattoo you want...
  • I think a small discrete tattoo is fine, if your parents agree. BUT....why a pentacle?? You must have chosen that knowing what it represents...... you need to be very, very sure that at some time in the future you will not regret that.
  • Honestly, if you were my kid, there'd be no way in hell that was going to happen. Tattoos are not simple to have removed and if it's going to last a lifetime, I'd tell them, to hold off until they're 18. That being said, you are on the right track with discretion. I would also add that you may wish to avoid areas that are likely to grow significantly in the future. Exp.: If you think you may ever have children, the upper breast(cleavage)area, the lower back, and the abdomen would be very poor choices as this skin typically stretches a lot during pregnancy. The ankle is not a bad recommendation. I would also recommend the shoulder blade, the upper shoulder (where it could be covered by even a "cap" sleeve), or the base of neck below the collar line on your back.
  • I don't think it's a great idea, and not just because you're a little young, but you're young and considering a spiritual tattoo. Personally, I know my religious beliefs at 15 were very different than they are at my current age. Not that you'll necessarily regret a tattoo that no longer represents your mindset, you might see it as a reminder of your youth and the path that led you to the person you'll be in another 15 years. And you may always hold to the spiritual path you're taking now. But a tattoo isn't something you ever need to rush, so if I were you, I would spend at least a full year thinking it over, from the time you decide exactly what you want and where. But I think an interesting spot would be at the base of the breastbone, or in between the shoulder blades.
  • I think a permanent decision like that can wait a few years. It's going to be there for decades, why be in such a rush?
  • I think that since your parents are okay with it and that you are starting with a 1" tattoo that you are using your head. My guess is that you have thought about it for a while as well. Your idea for having it on the ankle is smart as well; it will be really easy to show or not depending on your mood. Plus, if you decide to remove it one day, one that small should be easy to deal with. My wife has one that wraps around her ankle and she confirms that it is one of the more painful places to have it done but she made it fine and it was a good bit more involved than the one you describe. (It was also her first) She advises to check the people out that do it to make sure they have a good reputation and make sure that they tell you how to care for it while it heals. (Very important) :) Happy 15th on Friday!!!
  • You're old enough to get an abortion without your parents' consent. I'm sure you can handle a tattoo. Get is somewhere that's not visible in dress clothes. Eventually, you will be a grown up and won't want it to show during a business meeting.

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