• On the street they were always close by. When we were some where with a little more space then one would be one the extended lead. The loyal, well-behaved one of the two was off the lead and allowed to wander. Although she liked to stay by my side. =)
  • he has a six foot leash and stays close to me. he is overly friendly and will jump up on people so i keep him close
  • I usually let my dog off the leash if no one else is around. He follows me and I can call him if he needs to come back. I always keep the leash on hand, though.
  • We live out in the sticks & well of the road, so our girls are allowed to wander. Hasn't always been that way. Our lab liked to rove too far & had to be on a leash.
  • It usually depends on where I am walking her,sometimes I let her wonder ahead of me and she likes that.
  • It depends. If my mum & I are walking him in an area where there are lots of dogs we keep him close by, but if there are not too many dogs around or there are dogs that he gets on with (he knows a few) we will let him wander on an extended leash. We don't let him off the leash unless it's an off leash area.
  • usually will let her just walk on her own but I have her leash with me if the need arises. she doesn't get too far ahead of me.

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