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  • I haven't tried it, have you?
  • I don't think you can use the words "best kind" when describing an ecstacy pill. You could get one from a batch which could kill you in an instant. You will never know that until it's too late.
  • I know this is going to get rated down as everyone else on here has basically just said 'don't', but taking MDMA powder is generally better than pills. I haven't done it in many a year now, and I've never been up with names of types, but in my experience, the powder tends to be purer, and although it's stronger, it's in a much mellower way as it's less often combined with speed and other drugs. of course, you should be careful with it, and not overdo it, get it from someone you trust, be with people you can rely on etc. I just tend to think that honesty about drugs is just better than saying 'don't do it because I said so'.
  • None are the best. Haven't you heard about people dying taking bad x. All of it's bad. Anyone who encourages you is an idiot. Get high on life not drugs.
  • I love ecstasy. In moderation i dont think it's a bad thing. The best pill I have ever taken is called Green RB. That was the best high ever. The powder, for me at least, is a WAY more mellow high.
  • id say none is the best. why would you want to know? and why would you want to try it? it may be "fun" while you are doing it, but it will ruin your life. and it will just lead you into getting into more drugs. which will take your money, and life away from you. there is no best drug. the "better" just means the more likely it can kill you.
  • i would say the best pill ive ever taken was a pink cowboy...rolled for 2 dayz!
  • I can't think of best pill, such as color or stamp, not one really stands out that much, but I preffer clean pills, it's bit less fun when peaking, since it doesn't have as much energy, but I don't feel like crap the next day, come down is way nicer, and I can go to sleep...
  • I would have to say the best pills I've ever taken were called "red shields." These things were crazy. I havent done ex in a couple of years but I used to sell and take them almost every weekend. And when I did take them I would use around 10 a night. I would only use either blue ones or red ones though cause i find blue ones give you alot of energy and red ones make you trip. Now I might be wrong but those were the effects I would get off of them. Now I'm not condoning the use of drugs but I am also not going to stand here and act self-righteous. If you wanna try ex you should know there are certain risks. But alot of them or pretty fabricated. Like it is very unlikely for you to die off of one pill much less a half unless you suffer from an allergic reaction. And also you won't feel long term side effects from using the drug occasionally. I used it alot and I'm pretty much normal. And if your doing it for your first time chances are your going to love it. They don't call it ecstasy for nothing. But it's always best if you use, use in moderation leaving yourself and others out of danger. Have fun kids.
  • The best pill I ever took looked like asprin. It was just white with a score down the middle. We thought we got ripped off, but they were amazing. I also to gray octogon shaped pills once with ketamine in them (special K). Everone got really sick at first but after that they were great.
  • just do a little homework before you take the next hit of MDMA.
  • I don`t know what it was called, but it was HOT PINK and had three bumps, not pressed in, but in 3D. BEST e i`ve ever taken, i think they might have been called pink dots, but im not sure. but wow.
  • Pink dolphins and red playboys were the best i had..torn between the two but leaning more towards pink dolphins. the body high from the pink dolphins was amazing
  • some people are so unbelievably close minded. They recite information the dare officers told them when they were seven years old. I myself do X about twice a month, same with acid, mushrooms, pot every day and a plethera of other drugs. I got straight A's in highschool, the time when i started using these drugs, and now attend Berklee in California. Try doing a little research on these things before you make such comments. There is no danger to pure xtc, MDMA. It is impossible to eat enough MDMA to kill yourself, your stomach would burst first. The only real dangers of E are the chance that you will eat a pill with something whacky in it, or you over heat whilest on E. Another thing, it is IMPOSSIBLE to die off one pill. The most deadly substance ever found in a pill was PMA, and it required a minimum of 3 of those to kill you. You have a higher chance of dieing walking down the street. grow the fuck up. Expand your mind. Throw away the need to do everything society tells you to do. fucking tools.
  • The placebo kind...
  • I'm 15 and the best pills I ever took were yellow mazaratis. Their heroin based and theres no comedown. You also don't feel like shit the next day.
  • I would have to say blue machine guns or yellow mitsubishi cuz i like to trip and those did it for me and pink aliens but you have to take more than one.
  • pure MDMA. so fckn good. but take cautions.
  • well there isn't really any way of telling which are the best, it's all just a matter of luck. It depends on frequency of use, height, weight, etc... I've done it quite a bit, had some really good ones, and a few bad ones. My advice is when taking a new pill take half first and wait, that way if there is any crap in them you'll find out and it wont be such a bad time if you react bad to it. I know me and my g/f took half a blue buddha that we were told was x, turned out to be anything but, hit us in verry panicky waves, when the wave passed we were sober. we broke out in extreme sweats, and continually puked for close to 4 hours. no buzz associated with them at all, just a shear panic wave every 20 mins or so......As for those who only give the answer "DON'T DO IT, IT WILL KILL YOU...blah blah blah, don't give answers like that, people are going to do it weather you like it or not, best thing to do is give an honest answer about personal experience with it or info you know about, if you can't do that then it's best you not waste yours and their time preaching the drugs are bad mmmkay theme song
  • I take E twice a month, every other weekend. I'd perfer nothing to extreme, just pure MDMA would be nice. I've yet to try a capsule though. I'd have to say the best I've had was a Green Apple. I'm pretty sure it was mostly MDMA, nothing too wacky. It hit me fairly quick and for the first couple minutes all I could do was walk around chewing like 6 sticks of juicy fruit and saying "no no nope no nope no no no" It felt so good I didn't know what to do with myself lol XD I calmed down a bit then the feelings rose and evened out quite nicely. I danced and felt nice all night. After about 5 hours the effects wore off and I kicked it with some friends for an hour playing video games, before I went to sleep. But of course you have to consider the fact that different people react differently. I was with two girls lighter in weight then I am, and they took more then I did, and it took them 4 times longer to start rolling. They didn't have that "juicy fruit" episode either ;) is your best chance at finding out what is in your drug. I'm sure it can't be 100% correct though.
  • None. If you need a chemical to enjoy something, or require a chemical to enjoy something "more," then you have a distorted sense of reality and can not manage living your life by life's rules. I love sex, and I would never take anything that altered the sensations even a little.
  • The best I have ever taken so far? Would have to be the "Red Transformers." Those were really speedy and really powerfull, I've never even came close to ever finding another that could match them or even come close. Every time I ever took one of those I would come up in about 45mins and the roll would last steady for about 8-10 hours. It's kinda hard to tell how long one would last cause every time I took one I would end up takeing another one half way through the night, and that would last me well into the following morning. The downside is that they kinda give off a buzzy hangover wich is not the worst thing ever, but I would prefer them to be just a little more clean. Has anyone here ever heard seen or experienced one of theese before or are they just extremeley rare?
  • The best kind ive tooken is the red playboy pill i really like to trip out and i mean wene you take this pill it does it for you! i mean i saw evil fuckin goblins coming towards me and shit..=O wene i was watching t.v it felt 3D then i felt like MAKIN BABYZ LOL jk but this pill is tha shit! you have to take about three tho!
  • There are so many different kinds that give you so many different effects, it's really hard to say which one's best. Personally, I like to have a lot of energy when I'm rolling and the ones that gave me the most energy were green/red playboy bunnies, although they were probably laced with methamphetamine. Otherwise, I'de have to say the best roll you can find are probably mollies which are un-cut MDMA. Also check out for more information on the drug.
  • best rolls ive gotten, hands down, were white music notes. worst were green scorpions.... omg thought i was gonna die...
  • best rolls ive gotten were white music notes. they were mdma tabs. youd be surprised how many times people try and sell us bullshit down here in new orleans...
  • Blue Hearts by far are the best!!!
  • Lol soooo many anti-drug people who dont know anything about what they talk about...Ecstasy, MDMA a death wish? no...not at all, in fact the chances of dying from it are well below 1.00%. Now for the bad pill argument...yes you are taking a risk in taking a "bad pill" (meaning it contains more dangerous substances such as PMA, BZP and even for some people, they consider amphetamine containing pills "bad"...So do i, because its false advertisement basically.) but...the risk your taking is life or death so most people say "shit, you can die its bad", but compare drug use to any other recreational activity and its basically the same, except the drug industry is filled with a bunch of people known as criminals... which wouldnt be in criminals in the first place if substances were legal..matter of fact they wouldnt even be near any of those substances. Back to the bad pills. So, we have these bad pills flooding the market recently which is an extremely bad thing, but who do you blame? the idiots taking the drug or the drug itself? its obvious that for the past year people have been balming the substances themselves...well i got bad news...psychoactive substances are EVERYWHERE! and your the idiot for blaming an object...who are you gonna blame when you stub that toe on a table? the table for being placed there by YOU most likely(maybe not but tough luck) or yourself, the one that wasent paying attention? Sorry if this is all messy, im not all that good at writing later!
  • I don't remember what it was called but it was a capsule not a pill!!! best roll I ever had!
  • Actually, I'll have to change my original answer. Meth-based pills are the worste you can find. the come-down really sucks and you feel all jittery. Pure MDMA is still the way to go. You can get tests to see if the pills you bought have any other crap in them, or you can go to to see if anyone else has gotten the same batch in your area. Some pills are cut really bad that you can feel like a tweaker, so ask around. Anyway, pure MDMA is usually a powderand the roll is SO much better than any stamped tabs.
  • Like everyone else is saying, there is no good kind of X, but I've only done it once. I took double stack orange elephants my first time and it made me sick because it was laced with heroin. but for the first part of it I felt amazing and energized.
  • Wow, after reading all of this there are many people who love to speak their mind on something they aren't educated on. Then there are the few who actually show some actual sense of knowledge.The drug isn't bad nor stupid. The only bad or stupid is the amount of the drug people use at once. Ever take the time in reading the side effects of it? I highly doubt you have. My smoking habit will kill me faster than my ecstasy habit. It's facts of life. Shit, alcohol is "bad/stupid" but it's still legal allowing us to play that game "who's drunker than who" before getting behind the wheel of a advice is before speaking your mind or taking a drug you have questions about do your freaking research people.
  • standing under a glorious royal purple shimmering night sky, I felt the currents of the universe lapping against the upper atmosphere like tides on the shore...thank you orange buddhas, mescaline based as i understand, rolled for 6 hours, then when thought roll had subsided started tripping for about 8 more. Never had more clarity or cosmic omniscience, barriers were meant to be broken and boundaries are dead passive things, lets go surfing on existential waves thereby evolving our brains from observation machines to the godlike coveted yet inherent state of becoming reality-creation engines. Also blue and white saturns, I TOOK TOO MUCH MAN! (not yet)
  • the best kind in the world are the green and orange ones. its the best because you fuckin trip balls. and its one of the best experiences you'll have in your life. and the good thing about it is that it's easy to just DO NOT do it often! that shit will mess with your head after a while.
  • It's difficult to answer that when you know someone who had a reaction to it and died. You will never know if it is actually good or bad for you until you yourself take it, and then the time after it could be better or worse, everyone has different constitutions and body chemistry...
  • white motorolas. these pills were pure mollys that didnt have any additives. green rock-stars are fire too. idk basically any pure-white pill or any green pill.
  • white motorolas. these pills were pure mollys that didnt have any additives. green rock-stars are fire too. idk basically any pure-white pill or any green pill.
  • Guys& reason to fight over a debate. To answer the question; Im from South - Africa and we get some pretty good stuff here. Ive done alot of drugs in my time, the best E`s Ive taken adds up to 3... The 1st: Disco Biscuits...They are bigger than normal E`s, much more oval. In SA these are considered the best, and are very pure with no crappy comedown. The 2nd: Mitshubishi Turbo` do those kick. The 3rd: 888`s...yellow pill, probably the pill that kicked me the hardest in 9years. People are always saying drugs are bad, to be honest...alcohol and nicotene are classified more dangerous than E`s and Weed. Its the manner in which anything in life is done that makes it good or bad. Eating to much is bad... so why slander the use of drugs when the people obviously dont know what theyre talking about. How can you judge something youve never done? The only reason why people believe all drugs are bad is the way the media broadcasts it to the public. I do agree that Heroin and Crack is seriously bad, but E`s cmon. Seriously do something to make living better for everybody, i.e.: Jobs, housing, water&electicity. Then maybe there wont be so many people trying to make money for themselves and their families or people trying to get away from their life`s problems. So non druggies...dont judge people on what they do...who knows you might be addicted to something else... Keep well...Happy New Year to everybody. God Bless
  • The best pill I have ever taken has to be Molly. It's a no brainer. It's pure MDMA, you peak for hours, have a great come down, and you don't feel like shit the next day. You're getting what you're paying for, and with that, I'm completely content. I love Molly.
  • G's up Hoes down and green cherries triple stacks
  • The color and the stamp do matter when takin X. The color indicates what kind of drig the X is mixed with. The Red family is heroin. Blue and purple are meth. I dont know the others. The stamp is kind of a tag of who made the pill, the tag also can tell you how potent the pill is. This weekend i took 3 orange pumas and i was fuckin gone.
  • ducksss all the way
  • Hahaha. People who think that ALL drugs are bad are evidently still brainwashed into the government's propaganda 3rd grade DARE videos. MDMA (Ecstasy) is recreational, pretty much along the same lines as weed. It doesn't kill you unless you abuse it or get dehydrated, that goes along for everything else. If you want to compare "death rates" hunny, alcohol causes more of those than weed and MDMA combined. Just bc it's illegal doesn't mean it's 'bad.' They used to give MDMA to patients for therapeutic reasons. And if you are too afraid to enjoy life and try an experience such as this that will blow your mind away and open your horizons to new levels (sounds cheesy but Ecstasy is truly Ecstasy :D) then it's your loss not ours ;D. Don't be hating on those that know how to enjoy ourselves. But to the original question: Pink dolphins are definitely the best. Long and high roll, amazing sensational feeling... ughhh! :)
  • Let me just say now, I have rolled countless times and actually got addicted to it for a longggg time. Im only 18 years old but I lived in a part of California where it was a really common drug. Im not going to sit here and tell you not to do it because I have done it plenty times and will probably end up doing it again. I myself prefer MDMA based. The only MDMA based pills I have ever found were white. I have heard of there being MDMA based in different colors but I wouldnt advise taking them. MDMA based are usually a very nice and clean roll. Most of the ones Ive taken have had a very clean comedown, if one at all. MDMA rolls give you more of a visual of anything, you get a great body high but I myself am more of a visual person when it comes to rolling. Heres a little info on different types of ecstasy including some good choices in each color that Ive discovered so far. White/Usually MDMA based: very clean roll and usually no comedown, great visual and body high. Would reccomend White macs, White Eckos, White Knives, and White Huskies. Green: Not sure what base but a very very clean roll with usually no comedown at all. Only thing bad about the green ones is that you dont roll as hard and definitely not as long as others. Would only reccomend Green Cougars. Yellow: Yellow pills are usually a very intense roll. They are heroine based and make you very horny. Lol trust me when i say, take caution on these. Would reccomend Yellow Gators and Rhinos. Red: Red pills usually give a pretty good visual, especially if you get a lightshow. From my experience, Ive usually rolled pretty damn hard off most red rolls. Usually a pretty strong comedown though. Would reccomend Red Diesels, and Red Skins (Yes that is a real roll Lol) Blue: Take precaution in these, Very strong roll and very great visual for not being MDMA based. Comedown can or cant suck though. What I mean is, you never know what kind of pills a blue one will be. I have always had a great peak on blue rolls. Blue A's gave me very strong peak and nasty comedown. But Blue echos gave me trippy, kinda scary peak and a clean comedown. So take precaution. Purple: Ive only got my hands on one kind of purple roll. They were purple echos. I rolled very very very hard. Also had a nice lightshow given to me while on them. I would strongly reccomend purple ones if you can get your hands on them. They had a comedown but it really wasnt that bad. Orange: Most orange rolls Ive taken were actually pretty good. Good visual and nice clean/strong roll. Some give me a comedown but most of them dont. Was able to fall asleep easily. Orange Giants and Orange polos were one of the best rolls I ever got my hands on so if you get your hands on some Id strongly reccomend. ///////////////////// Let me just say now I HAVE suffered some brain damage from ecstasy. I kid you not when I say it will fuck with your head if you do it often enough. If you are going to try it (and I seriously mean this from experience) have good friends that will prevent you from doing it too much. Take lots of precaution, if you notice yourself doing it over 4 times a month STOP for a good while. I used to do it 3 times during the week and both nights of the weekend. My short term memory would almost be completely fucked if I didnt slow down. When you hear about how ex puts holes in your brain, IT DOES. Just dont abuse it thats all I can tell you. But give it a try. Make sure your dealer has tried them first and let you know how he/she liked it, especially if its your first time. But Id reccomend trying it, Im sure you wont regret it =] Hope I gave some good advice.
  • chocalate chip is the best, mixed with small , very small amount of herion..but not enough at all to get addicated too
  • Blue playboy Bunnies
  • fck all yall. i like marijuana!
  • red buddha was good but not that strong. i took these yellow ones with a bearded guy on it and one of my friends thought it was called like yellow ceazars and another thought it was some other name. anyone know about those cause i took one after smoking some weed and didn't feel it for a long time so i took another and it hit me like a train. i just felt waves of weird, warm/cold/vibrating feelings go through me and i couldn't tell if i was hot or cold or had to piss from all the water lol. it freaked me out and had a very stressful peak. hangover sucked too, dazed for next couple days
  • well i have to say the best oill i ever had was a yellow triple stack louis vuton i felt like doogie from whitecastle i wanted to run up in someone or something we all did. we didnt care if we all did one girl. iknow iknow bad but just remember when using a ph tester you can tell if your pill is good.....and also remember never pay more than 15. i paid 700 for 100

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