• You must be a pretty crummy Husband. I would sign my life away, if my wife was in need of medical assistence regardless of if I signed a form or not! Plus I think in any emergency, any Doctor or hospital would have to be sick in the head, if money mattered more then saving lives.
  • Yes. You are married. All debts incurred by either of you is both of your responsibilities.
  • If married, he is responsible.
  • Legally, I believe you are. However, thinking outside the box here, if you get a good lawyer, maybe you could create a workable defense based on the "my body, my choice" concept. If a woman is allowed to have an abortion solely on her decision then, because you have no say-so in the matter, it could be construed as an elective medical procedure, making her and whatever insurance she has responsible for the costs.
  • If you are legally married you are both legally responsible for the debt. Just like when my ex went and bought a car and said look honey we have car payments!
  • Yes you are responsible for her medical bills. You are part of a married couple. Vice versa she is responsible for your medical bills.

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