• I'm in the transportation business. If you have it, a truck delivered it. Can't contribute much more than that.
  • By putting millions in my boss' pocket
  • I am a stay-at-home mom, and if I do a good job raising my kids to be conscientious, intelligent, compassionate and productive adults I am contributing to humanity and society.
  • I spent my life in the military so I think I did some good.
  • I bring art and beauty into the lives of others, thereby making the world a more beautiful place
  • By making people able to have painless surgery.
  • When my customers bring their vehicles to me,I make sure that people are not having problems with their automobiles and I put them back In the road.
  • I'm a sophmore in highschool and don't have a real job but i work in a labratory and dicovered a genetic protein that possibly has medicinal purposes.
  • I'm a nurse. I've helped birth hundreds of babies and brought over 30 of them back from death at birth. I make sure the health care places I work at are within standards, clean and have good practices. I have taught other nurses compassion and love for difficult patients.
  • I flew people and cargo all over the world...from heart transplants to newly weds to human remains...
  • I drive a pilot car. Which means I escort oversize loads. The majority of what I escort is steel bridge beams for interstate bridge construction. The second most common thing is wind towers, though I think that’s going to move into # 1 in about a year. I’m also a CNA at an awesome hospital. I do it PRN, so when construction gets slow, like in the winter months, I can still be productive. And the hospital is trying to talk me into nursing school which they will pay for
  • It doesn't!
  • It changes society!
  • I make my husband happy, who, in turn, claims I have influenced HIM to make OTHER people happy! I guess he's paying kindness "forward", you might say!
  • YES, YES, YES! It pays the bills. That helps humanity........... which revolves around money.
  • I'm currently at TAFE doing Certificate 3 in Community Services Work (Specialising in Alcohol and Other Drugs). By the time I've finished my studies I'll be qualified to help people who have issues with alcohol and drugs. I'm also thinking about doing Certificate 3 in Youth work after this course.
  • I'm a primary care physician. I'm often the first point of contact when someone gets sick. I try to figure out what's going on, decide whether to treat it myself or refer to a more appropriate specialist, and explain it all to the person who's ill.
  • Haha mine contributes to the downfall of humanity in most cases. I'm an expert in Visual Communication. This means being able to control how people visually perceive things, we are all being manipulated all the time and are usually unaware. However, I currently work for a University and don't feel like I'm selling my soul when I promote education.
  • have few jobs... to pay the rent i do Electrical, Plumbing and Consruction for peoples houses. for my community i do a free merchants website for the Haight Ashbury Merchants. For the world i have a spiritual website and give away for free a book that i wrote.

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