• Since there is no absolute proof of life after death, this becomes a matter of belief. I believe there is an afterlife. I believe ghosts are spirits who stay here when they die, either they don't know they are dead, or they feel there is unfinished business for them. I believe the spirits of our loved ones can make contact with us, through dreams, psychics or other more physical ways. I believe my mother has made contact with me through all of the above ways, as we discussed when she first got sick. IMO, angels are not the spirits of those who lived on earth, rather, they are God's helpers, and were created as angels.
  • I suspect there is no life after death - but I can't be sure. No-one I know who has died as popped back to let me know, and I've not died myself yet. I strongly suspect ghosts and angels are products of our extremely fertile imaginations - used to explain things we don't immediately understand and bring some comfort in the face of loss, grief and our own mortality.
  • Friar tuck said it well. Why do we need to believe in all these things? IT certainly seems to fill a need in a lot of people.
  • By definition "Death" means "no longer alive," so if it was posible for life to exist after death, then that would mean that death is not possible, wouldn't it? When we die, we're gone. End of story.
  • There is no absolute proof. Nobody knows so asking people what they think basically gives you nothing. Out of 100 people you'll get 100 varying answers. Its a ftee world. You can grab onto any belief that makes you comfortable and that brings you a sense of peace and believe it. What I believe has nothing to do with your comfort level, it has to do with mine. You are free to choose your own. Peace.
  • I believe life is there after death. I didn't choose this idea I just feel it. I believe in ghosts but not seen one. If everywhere I look at nature I believe there is a connection.
  • There is only life. When it exits the body its free to go anywhere, any way and take any form. The movie Coco says it well: If there are no more memories of the deceased ancestor, they cease to be in that form. In other words if i were a starfish, I would be seeing stars relevant to my 'Identified" life. Star ghosts, star angels etc. dependent on my imagination.
  • There is no sound reason to think there is any form of life after death. That is merely wishful thinking.
  • i'll find out when i die
  • There's no god reason to think any of the things you list are real. The only connection is that all are only fantasy.
  • i think theres life after death and i think theres angels around too
  • No, there ain't no life after death, ghosts or angels. There ain't nothing to be explained. They're just imaginary.
  • probably, i'll find out when i get there
  • There is life after death because my Bible says so and because Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
    • ReiSan
      The Bible is merely crude primitive fiction. Jeus Christ never existed.
  • Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 explains that the dead know nothing at all, they no longer have any share in what is done under the sun. According to Revelation 12:9 demons are on earth misleading the ENTIRE inhabited earth. Ghosts are just demons pretending to be the “spirits” of dead people. Obedient and faithful angels are in heaven, giving glory to God and doing his will. Wicked angels were once faithful, but the chose to join satan in his rebellion against God, so they roam the earth attempting to influence as many people as possible.
  • I believe in a space-time-life continuum, our life-energies/forces merging with ourselves in parallel universes.
  • i'll find out when i die

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