• He died but is still seen on a regular bases
  • He was recently seen leaving the building...
  • He was part Romani.
  • I cannot remember all the details here so im sorry but I was told by word of mouth that he flew somewhere just because they did the peanut butter sandwiches the way he liked them. Here is an article anyway: Im not sure this was the only purpose of the trips but it mentions him flying to denver where elvis wanted to bring his daugher and friends to a restaurant to try their deluxe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Most people may know, but many may not, that Elvis really loved gospel music and enjoyed late night gospel jam sessions.
  • He had light brown hair and dyed his hair black because he thought it was more appealing.
    • BRG
      I always heard he tinted black because he liked Tony Curtis's hair!! and he told Curtis this!!!
  • He liked singing gospel songs the most
  • Ain`t Nothin` but a Hound Dog.....
  • That there was another one like him that died. His twin. I still weep a little missing Elivis #2...>shiver<.... I worship them both. xoxoxox
  • Elvis practised karate. Ed Parker gave him a black belt but Elvis wasn't really skilled enough to deserve the ranking. He got the belt because he was Elvis Presley, the KING.
  • He is alive and working as a priest in Mexico (I saw that story on a Supermarket true as a three dollar bill....) But seriously: He was staying at a Hotel and from his window he could see a Cadillac dealer location. Just for fun, he called and ordered several cars to be delivered ASAP as gifts to his friends and crew members. All he wanted was to see how crazy the guys at the dealership would move and work as fast as they could in order to sell so many cars in such a short amount of time...
  • Ok. I gave everyone time to cover it... He died "straining at stool". What a way to go. Those poor paramedics!
  • He was generous to a fault. He would give new Cadillacs to people he had hardly met...just because he took a liking to them,...drove his accountants and manager crazy!
  • He really loved his mother above all else.
  • Twin brother, Aaron. He has 3 grand-daughters (two recently born twin girls ) and 1 grandson, Benjamin. Oldest granddaughter is Riley - all Daughter Lisa Marie Presley's children. Also, finished reading an Ann Margret bio...he sent her flowers before every show she performed at....they were real close thru out their lives.
  • He didn't just eat peanut butter sandwiches made with a full loaf of bread... he also had them deep fried first.
  • There was a show hosted by Dick Clark and he had some experts on the show that were saying they had very recent recordings and sightings of Elvis and what some were saying is that he faked his death because he wanted to go underground to help do big drug busts. He did take self defense classes when he was in the military and he was suppose to have done some spy work and some undercover work as well. I found that very interesting.
  • elvis was born a twin.
  • He drove a tank at the same German base that my father was a Canadian Air Force Fire Fighter for Crash & Rescue ... Zweibruken ... and in his movie about it, "Occupation G.I. Blues" you can see the house I lived in across the street from the garden park when he sings "Wooden Heart" ... look between the bars of the fence and across the street ... .
  • He had his toilet (Throne) designed and made in the factory that I worked in....just many years before I worked there.
  • He used to hunt and eat squirrels as a boy! :-/
  • The first time he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, the TV camera only showed Elvis above the waist.
  • When he met the Beatles, he asked if they were going to jam or just talk all night. He said, "If we are just gonna talk all night long, then I'm going to bed".
  • He is definetly dead
  • 5-13-2017 His middle name was Aron and he fussed at his father for misspelling it. So his father had a headstone made that said "ELVIS AARON PRESLEY". Yes, he was a twin. His brother Leslie Garon did not survive.
  • My father said Elvis was my second cousin. My father grew up around Elvis' father who was about 3 years younger than my dad.
  • He never toured outside the United States. Well musically anyway he did in the Army.
  • His twin brother, Jesse, died at birth.
  • Elvis is alive and living in my basement. (I'd unchain him from the radiator and let him out but I know he will just disappear again, and well...we cant let THAT happen. So every night I give him the hose and some pbj's and play some heavy metal for him (oh he got tired of gospel music a long time ago, and lost his "faith" in a supreme being after so many years of captivity and no answer from his "savior" (in fact, I've actually got him thinking I'm his savior)(ok, well, my cat...but my cat answers to me, and elvis answers to my cat.) And oh sure it sounds crazy, but that's why it's safe to tell you- BECAUSE YOU"LL NEVER BELIEVE ME! HA! FOOLS. (Oh and ladies...and a few of you guys, mm.... yea he's gotten pretty wrinkly! His aulzheimers is worse than Donald Trump's, and he's got a hunch like something from a movie! I did get him off drugs though :) Well, I'm not a monster! I care.
  • You can't give him Mountain Dew and pretzels. You might think you could because the man ate on the toilet so what's the worst that could go wrong, but oh no.

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