• Damaged tissue can heal, dead tissue cannot.
  • Because something that was once alive, but now dead, can't be healed. Death means death. Dead things are past hope and healing.
  • I am sorry to hear about your Avascular Necrosis diagnosis. While the condition and dead bone definitely sounds scary, people's experiences vary depending on how severe and far along the AVN is. To answer your question, Avascular Necrosis is a condition that results when the blood supply to the bone is interrupted. Unfortunately, when bone cells die, they secrete acid and enzymes that damage the bone cells responsible for bone regeneration. This is why AVN does not heal in the same way other bone damage might. Here is a page with more information about this I hope this helps.
  • If it is not treated it will not heal, have you had it treated? There are several treatment options such as surgery, bone decompression and bone graft are some of the treatments that are available.
  • I hope the diagnosis is wrong. I looked it up and what most of the people said is true, the bone is dead and most of the treatments describe the hip surgery that comes after the diagnosis. If the bone is dead, it's dead. All you can do is cut it out because, otherwise, you have dead bone in your body contaminating you entire body. I would also look into what caused it. There is a wide range of conditions, described, leading to the problem. Compression injuries, alcoholism, and steroid use lead the list. You absolutely need medical care!
  • You're slowly becoming a zombie. Watch out for your neighbors who walk up to you carrying any edged weapons.

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