• There are people on both sides of the issue who think it's important to try to influence what others think.
  • Why are you so worried? We'll get ours in the end.
  • Vulnerable people need to hear the voice of reason to counteract the voices of delusion. That is why we answer these questions.
  • If you only want a religious answer, type something like "Religious people:......" in your question you know? I don't roll around in the religious section on AB, I just answer the questions that come up on the main page. But usually when you ask a question, it's better to consider all the different answers to get a clear perspective on things. An example is if I kept asking divorced people about advice on marriage, they could be bitter or have a bad impression of marriage and pass those negative opnions on to me.
  • For starters, every question about God is not by someone who necessarily believes. I happen to study theology passionately and find answering a question about "God" not different than answering a question about Zeus or Hercules or even Harry Potter. God, the bible and most religious matters effect non-believers almost as much as believers. Secondly, why should atheists be any different than any other segment of humans when it comes to answering questions. Almost every question specifically aimed at atheists has tons of answers from christians. I have had questions that have NOTHING to do with religion be answered by christians interjecting their religion into it. It's human nature and this is an open board. Thirdly, and most ironically, the atheists sometimes answer bible related questions more accurately than many of the christians. Everyone claiming to be a christian is not knowledgeable about the bible. I have answered many questions related to the bible without a hitch simply because I knew the answer from a christian perspective despite not being one. Some people simply want to help regardless of personal beliefs.
  • Why do religious people answer questions about atheism? There are people on both sides that want to force their religion or lack there of onto people.
  • Because it's our duty to convert believers.
  • I just find it amusing that they say they do not believe but seem to know so much about God.
  • Ooooh, I do it cause I like to see y'all pissed off...he he
  • First off, atheism is a religion in its own right, as some practice it. A strong belief in no-god is equally religious as a strong belief in some-god. You may despise the opinion; you may think it's not only incorrect but somehow morally wrong. But it doesn't make it a non-religious belief. As weareallhypocrites also mentioned (and very well, I thought) some people of ANY religion have misunderstandings about not only others' religions but also basic tenets of their own sometimes. That includes basic textual misunderstandings of the primary texts -- including the Bible -- of their own faith. (In my own experience, since I was also raised as a Christian, some of these misunderstandings are laughable, especially to one who understands the text and meaning of the Bible and at least rejects what he knows that it means.) To correct those misunderstandings by pointing out the error (by which I don't mean "wrong-headed belief", but "here is the passage you are misquoting") doesn't imply any arrogance or "kicking in the face" on its own. Yes, the tone of a response can imply dismissal of one person's belief or arrogance from the respondent, but that's not always the case. This Q seems to me much like the ones posted by 14-year-old girls in "Relationships" asking "Why are boys such pricks?", or the equivalent "Why are girls such tramps?" from immature boys.
  • Dupe: please delete.
  • I mostly agree. I think it's healthy and good to have a variety of opinions about a topic, but if a question is presuming a belief in God, and you've got nothing valuable to add to that, then don't bother trying. Some people think it's a sign of insecurity, that if you're bothered about people rubbishing your beliefs, then you must have underlying doubts and fears. I totally disagree with that premise. In some cases, it's true. Some people really just cannot bear to have their beliefs challenged in any context. I've seen quite a few religious zealots on AB get quite crazy about it. But many (myself included, and I'm not even particularly religious) have a problem with people coming onto the site and ridiculing others for their beliefs. I have a problem with people coming onto the site and ridiculing somebody because they believe Jesus is the Messiah, or that I dunno, people get reincarnated. I have absolutely nothing vested in either of those beliefs (I lean toward Judaism)... so I don't find challenges to them trigger my insecurities. But I will defend someone else's right to believe those things. I'm guilty of it myself, I know in the past I've posted snarky answers to some questions in the religion and horoscope sections. I have, however, made a concerted effort to recognise that snipping at others for their beliefs, simply because they're not mine or sound a bit ''far out'', is uncalled for. If somebody asks a question about Heaven in the Christianity section which presumes it exists, or about their 72 virgins in the Islam section, then don't answer with ''It's all a fairy story'' or ''It's all a lie'' or ''Did you misplace your tin foil hat?''. That's totally unhelpful, rude, and shows a certain lack of tolerance for others beliefs.
  • Because more often than not, we Atheists know more about religion than the supposed true-believers. No. No it's not obvious at all. And it's not kicking them in the face. It's part of the maturation process to educate folks to prevent their being taken advantage of.
  • When i stop getting religious answers to questions about practically every other subject, I will stop answering questions that appear to want only religious answers! For example, when I ask a question about how to deal with an issue that is bothering me I am looking for practical advice - "Follow God's Word!" does nothing for me as a non-believer..... I am never intending to kick anyone in the face with my answers but would like believers to accept that their God isn't the only God and for some of us no god is preferable.
  • Because misery likes company.
  • For an atheist to answer a question about religion one or twice – out of annoyance is one thing. We have free speech – let them talk. However, what I have witnessed at this website for nearly three years is troubling. There seem to be quite a few atheists that visit here that frequently answer serious religion and Bible questions with very sarcastic, angry, and even belligerent answers. It is amazing - even though they claim NOT to believe in God- how certain they are of what they "know" about the Bible. (You will never understand God's Word without faith - or His Spirit) Sometimes, a number of these users will stalk people of faith , constantly answering this questions in this fashion and machine gunning derogatory comments to them. This behavior is inappropriate and down right scary. Report it every time to the website administrators or it will go on.
  • because the atheists are still dormant christians. they havent fully given up on the christian God. their flesh still wants to rebell against the teachings. but their heart still wants to be with Jesus. lots of atheists return to the faith. they are called christian athiests because they only respond to christian questions. they dont like the term because it burns into their flesh.
  • if it weren't for religion, there wouldn't be atheists. obviously.
  • I think that's a two way street, many religious answer questions about atheist views and such as well...but most times questions of a religious nature are not directed directly at religious people, they just ask a question and yes, atheists have opinions about religion as well. Honestly, if the religious have god and he does exist what do they really care about some godless heathen's (like myself) opinion? Is it a kick in the face to contradict something I do not believe in? Is it any more worse than when religious people try to convert or pray for me based on my beliefs? Isn't that insulting and condescending as well?
  • I'm an atheist, but some religious orientated conversations can be very interesting. Many people still talk about mythology including Norse and Greek gods, but this is not because they believe in them, they find the subject interesting. The problem starts when somebody makes an innocent post and somebody comments agressively; either a Christian quoting random passages from the Bible, how the atheist is a dormant Christian, or how atheists are in denial etc. Similarly an atheist can comment reversly, and this is only going to end up with arguements. I'm sure you have at some point debated or commented on Islam or other religions that you do not agree with their teachings, so why can't atheists do the same? The way I look at it, the more you understand a culture or religion, the more you can understand why a person has such a belief or tradition, even if you don't practice it yourself.
  • I am an atheist; however, I was raised as a devout Pentecostal. I have more of the Bible memorised than many churchgoers have ever read outside a Sunday service. I was a Sunday School teacher and a Youth Group leader for years. I am more than qualified to answer questions on the contents of the Bible and on the doctrine of the Pentecostal church specifically and Protestantism in general. I also come from a long line of Irish Catholics, so I can muddle through a bit if a question on Catholicism arises. I don't have to believe in something to know about it.

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