• Not me. First, we need to find out what was in the haul of that ship that warranted half of the Navy to be deployed to the site. My ass says, it was a ship full of weapons to instigate trouble in some country the US wants to get its hands on There's always a hell of lot more to every story than FOX News tells you
  • While I don't care much for many of President Obama's policies, I must compliment him for the right call with respect to the pirates. He did not pay them off. Now three are dead thanks to Navy snipers and the captain is safe. So, good job all around. Now, the international community needs to put more pressure on these pirates and put them out of business rather than continuing to pay their ransoms.
  • No. Just as we cannot condemn the President for everything that happens on his watch, we should not congratulate him in every tiny detail either. That was a Navy matter: the Navy handled the affair from the beginning, and the Navy generated the right outcome. Congratulations are due to the Naval commanders in the field and perhaps to their immediate superiors.
  • Great Job, Mr. Obama. I'm glad you were in charge during the criis, and not Bush.
  • Whereas he is the Commander-in-Chief and the Navy did a great job, why did it take 4 days to resolve this? Up until this encounter, we didn't negotiate with terrorists. Now we do. THAT is the legacy here.
  • i won't I'm not sure he did anything except allowing the navy to do its job, however i dont believe his intention was to allow them to be shot he just wasn't specific enough.
  • He did nothing. Why give him credit for what others did. I give him no credit or honor at all.
  • Congrat's Mr. President. But it is not enough - we have to put these assholes out of business once and for all - and if we have to send in the Marines to do it then so be it. Really, I'm an Obama supporter but we're not doing enough to get these bastards - hell, it's the 21st. century we are talking about here - not the 17th., it's time for the Navies of the world to put an end to this foolishness and to hang these pirates from their own ships masts!
  • Definitely! I also think it is good that initial restraint was shown as the captain might not be here anymore if they weren't as methodical.
  • Not I. I'm in no way certain he had anything worthwhile to contribute to the outcome aside from not getting in the way or using his office to block those that DID get the job done. If he is to impress me he's gonna have to develop an effective policy to deal with the reasons the situation developed the way it did in the first place.
  • I do!!Watch cnn not fox.They were silent on his input,until after the captain was safe.It`s a good thing!!
  • + for you Glenn, and you Captain Jack. I remember meeting Rocky Sickmann (I think I spelled his last name right) soon after the Iran hostages came home.
  • Congratulations President OBAMA
  • I'm glad it turned out the way that it did, but I don't see it as particularly impressive on Obama's part. It doesn't take a genius to say "let's kill those pirates with our vastly superior special ops teams". These aren't military men from some rogue nation, they are pirates. They don't have any political support at all. It's no great feat of leadership or politics to order the killing of pirates. In fact, you really can't go wrong anytime you endorse it, even if they haven't provoked you.
  • While I am leaving my original answer up so that people can see my initial reaction to this event, I am going to have to withdraw my congratulations of Obama's handling of the situation. Certain sources are reporting a very different perspective on what really happened in this situation. While these sources can't be confirmed as of yet, they provide a picture that is much more in keeping with my perception of President Obama. Basically, he issued orders that actually prevented the Navy personnel from taking advantage of opportunities to take out the pirates sooner, thus prolonging the standoff. It was only when the commander of the USS Bainbridge got tired of it and took matters into his own hands that the situation was resolved. Of course, the administration took credit for the success, just as they would have hung the commander out to dry had it not worked. So, here is to Commander Frank X. Castellano, the true leader in the crisis.
  • I do not wish to join you in congratulating President Obama. How low do expectations have to be such that Obama is due congratulations when he doesn't reward pirates with millions of dollars? Why isn't there ridicule and laughter at the thought that the proper thing to do with pirates isn't to kill them? The real question is why doesn't the Navy have a standing order to kill pirates? From where I stand the lack of a standing order can only mean the USA is soft on pirates.
  • Since this Q has popped up because of a recent answer, and I didn't see it the first time ... Most of my congratulations for the entire "handling" of this incident go to the captain and crew of the Maersk Alabama itself as the attack began. That is, the captain became the point man and sole hostage, instead of the crew, who had resisted capture and then made good their escape. After that, I give all credit to the Navy Commander and his crew -- and snipers -- for their on-the-scene handling. Obama looked good on TV, as usual.
  • Congrats King for hiding from the problem for several days while our wonderful military took care of the problem.

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