• Absolutely! He's starting to look down right... Presidential!
  • Let's hear the republicans criticize THAT! He's the MAN!
  • what did he do? im not a fan of the news
  • My only regret is that one of those dirtbags got through this alive. Piracy = death
  • Our men in uniform have WAY more ability and expertise than they've been allowed to exercise in recent years, when career politicians were calling the shots. So GOOD QUESTION and GOOD POINT.
  • I'm so glad that this man was rescued from these pirates. I was a little puzzled as to why this was allowed to go on as long as it did as they were adrift in the ocean in a life boat, but I'm glad that it ended with only the guilty dead. Obama deserves an "attaboy" for not messing this up.
  • With one significant note, I would: As Commander In Chief of the U.S. Military, Obama doesn't LET the Navy do it's job: he ORDERS the Navy into action and then the Navy DOES it's job. Some may think this is a minor detail. But there is a significant difference in implications: One says the President is passive in his control and direction, the other says he's active and takes charge. Congratulations to both President Obama and the Navy for a job well done.
  • How do you declare the navy is not piracy
  • I would...THIS is what happens when our boys get to do their job. This order should have been given the moment this happened. This is GREAT news....Kudo's to the President and a very big HOOAH to the Navy Seals.
  • As a republican I'll just say "It's about time he showed some backbone" though it took 4 FREAKING days for this to resolve... After 9-11 Bush allowed the military to use the Taliban for target practice. Now with Oblabba, it's "Oh gee, why can't we be friends?" Yeah right...
  • It's nice to see something get done right concerning the pirates. Some few claim that war is not the answer in dealing with pirates. B.S.! There are a limited number of somali's and boats.
  • Good Job OBAMA. He will take action when needed.
  • Obama told the navy to handle it so they did, he di dnot micro manage the operation. I thank the navy and the Pirates for being stupid.
  • I'm glad to see you're giving credit where credit is due! Thanks.
  • Well,I am pleased beyond belief the Captain has been released.Was nice Obama LET the Navy do its job.I will Thank the Navy for doing its job,but,not Obama for LETTING the Navy doing job it did.Is My opinion.Doesnt make it right or wrong.Just Mine.

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