• There is no land at the North Pole, otherwise that would be it. The northernmost confirmed point on land is the northern tip of Greenland, Cape Morris Jessup. At lat. 82°39´N, it is 440 mi (708 km) from the North Pole. Here's a couple of maps of Greenland: There have been several very small islands that have been sighted recently that are farther north; Oodaaq Island at 83°40’ was discovered in 1978 but has not been seen since 1997, and that is the problem: we don't know if it is always above sea level. None of these small islands has been confirmed to be a permanent land mass. Here is a site with more info:
  • Kaffeklubben Island or (The Coffee Club Island) (Danish: Kaffeklubben Ø, Kalaallisut: Inuit Qeqertaat) is a small island lying off the northern tip of Greenland, and it is considered to be the most northerly point of land on earth. Kaffeklubben Island is found at 83°40′N, 29°50′W, and is 707.4 km (382 nm / 440 miles) from the geographic North Pole. It is placed north of the Frederick E. Hyde Fjord, about 37 km east of Cape Morris Jesup and west of Cape Bridgman, a little east of a central point along the northern coast of Greenland. Kaffeklubben Island is approximately 1 km in length
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  • Hmm! Alaska or Siberia?

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