• I had the same question not too long ago. The notebook is a laptop. Nothing more or less.
  • They generally mean the same thing these days. However, technically, a notebook is a lighter, thinner type of laptop.
  • Both a laptop and a notebook are portable computers that you can take with you almost anywhere. I always thought that the original notebooks were bulkier than the newer state of the art newer laptops. The words laptops and notebooks are often used interchangeably by the manufacturers. My laptop is call a MacBook Pro.
  • Size. A "notebook" is smaller than a laptop, but bigger than a sub-notebook or netbook. As for surfing the net, I manage *quite* well with my netbook; an Acer Aspire One. On paper, it may seem weak, but I watch videos and play some fairly intense games on it. $350, 2-1/2 pounds, and more powerful than most people need a PC to be; MORE than sufficient for surfing the 'net.

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