• No, I don't care if they do.
  • Yes, I would ask them to stop.
  • I can't really put myself in those shoes, as I am not an atheist...HOWEVER, I have received many Eid greetings, Wiccan holiday cards (yes, there IS such a thing) and invitations to various religious events (such as bar mitzvah) that are not a part of my religion. I would NEVER stop my gracious and loving friends from sending them. I just feel so blessed that they love me enough to include me in such a personal and spiritual time, even if I am not a "believer" or adherent in their religions. I've enjoyed sharing these times, celebrations, thoughts and experiences with them.
  • No I wouldnt, I would be grateful that they thought of me and cared enough to send a card.
  • Absolutely not! Respect your parents. If you are an atheist and they are Christians they are probably clinging to the hope that you will convert (or convert back). Sending you things with subtle Christian messages maybe their way of reaching out to you and keeping their hope alive. I imagine they would be crushed if you told them there was no hope of you ever converting. Let them be happy with the hope.
  • My parents do things like that to me, and, being an atheist, these Christian messages don't mean very much to me. However, I don't tell them to stop because it really doesn't bother me that much. I would make them stop if I knew that they were doing it just to annoy me, however, because they don't like that I'm an atheist.
  • No. I would pray that they stop.
  • No. One of the basic premises of my personal belief system is that I am allowed to have a personal belief system only if I respect the personal belief systems of others.
  • No, that seems kind of spiteful. It's not like they're a stranger trying to convert me, they're just trying to be thoughtful. My folks buy cards en bulk, anyway, I'm hardly going to ask them to pick out a different/specialer card for me. They go straight into the garbage, though.
  • No, a card is a note of love and feeling, ( or should be,), and as that it's always welcome in my home. I honor the love and support of all my friends and family. Would a Christian reject my "seasons greetings" card because it has a non religious message? I've never had one of my religious friends or family do such a dishonor to me.
  • I am an Atheist and if my parents ever sent me holiday cards with X-ian messages, I'd have them both committed to a mental institution: they're both Atheists just like me!
  • If my parents did I would ask them to stop as I know they would be taking the mick (they are as atheist as I am). But if they weren't atheists and were sending religious messages it wouldn't bother me. I have few friends that are theists but if those that are do something similar it is not malicious, it is their way of being caring so I wouldn't mind at all. To be honest even if complete strangers did so it wouldn't really bother me. Doesn't exactly inconvenience me at all and I am not paying for it so what's the problem? The Conservative Party regularly write to me. I don't pay the blindest bit of attention to it so it doesn't bother me at all. It's their stamp, not mine.
  • I'm an atheist and I celebrate Christmas like so many other people do. To me, and I believe the rest of my family too, it's about traditions. I don't care much about religions, but I respect my national traditions deeply. Edit: okay, I never answered the actual question. No, I wouldn't do that. It's one of the few not yet commercialised aspects of Christmas. Those are too rare today to reject.
  • Like I read their cards?
  • no. I get religious cards all the time. It doesn't hurt anything and I know they are simply expressing that they care. Why take a gift given with positive sentiments and make it something negative? It would accomplish nothing and antagonize those I love.
  • No, the sentiment would be the last thing on my mind. I'd ask them to stop because they would be violating the court order stating they are not allowed to contact me in any way.
  • No, probably make a joke about it or something, but it doesnt really hurt does it!
  • Absolutely not.
  • No ! Rather. . .focus on the "love" they're wanting to share with you; the meaning behind their card may come later to your heart!
  • No. How boorish.
  • No, they mean well and really it doesn't harm me in any way. I am grateful for other people's faith.
  • No, it is the thought behind the card that matters.
  • Seeing as how the religious cards send a peaceful and loving message, i would not at all be offended.
  • If I don't believe the message, why would it upset me?
  • That would depend on what the message was. If the message was something like, "Accept Jesus and his love, you godless miscreant sinner, or you will be cast into the Lake o' Fire for all eternity!" then I would. If it just said "Merry Christmas" or played a lovely tune like "Come All Ye Faithful", then I would gladly accept those cards.
  • I don't think it would. I would understnd why my parents send me those cards.
  • Probably, but not because of the messages. I just really hate greeting cards. I mean, I see my parents at least once every few weeks. Just TELL me! Call me! E-mail me! Just don't send me stupid overpriced greeting cards I am obligated to reciprocate on! But like I said, the Christian messages wouldn't bug me. I mean, they ARE Christian, after all.

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