• Will some WWE stunts be useful in combating them?
  • Good old fists.
  • I have a machete in the kitchen.
  • I have a very protective Doberman : )
  • I just press the panic button that sets of the burglar alarm, hopefully that would scare his sorry arse out of my home before I risk getting done for manslaughter by bashing his head in with an electric guitar.
  • My decorative Japanese sword, because its in my room, and the closes at the moment.
  • Luckily, I have a collection of Katanas in my bedroom :) Either that or hand to hand combat would be the order of the day.
  • my 40 cal Glock
  • I wouldn't have to run very far. No matter where I am in my home I'm never more than a few short steps away from some kind of firearm. If you break into my house... God help you.
  • I don't need to defend myself. One of my old hobbies was visiting the local crims.. they didn't like someone knocking on there front door with my personal love machine (Base ball bat). I would just explain to them my slight medical problem of getting sexually excited, when I beat the living shit out of thieves. They soon learned to keep out of the area.. Back in NZ I was known locally as "The MAD Pom Axe man!"
  • A hammer then I slam a huge book hard on the floor, swear it sounds like a gun shot, if I had a gun I'd use it but I can't have one, I'm a felon.
  • Sorry they wouldnt get passed the dog i dont
  • My CZ75 Compact .40 cal Pistol. : )
  • FIRST: Get the family moving towards safety and communications (cell phone to 911). SECOND: Weapon of opportunity. This is the nearest handy credible weapon, not necessarily one of my guns. Kitchen cutlery, baseball bat, broom handle, leather belt, bleach, ammonia, lamp cord...whatever.
  • I'd whack him with my purse....(It is Iowa, you know....)
  • i don't need a weapon, just me-you know what they say never start a fight with someone that is madder than you and if somebody came into my house to hurt my family it would be complete beyond thunderdome-two men enter one man leaves-i will kill anybody that trys to hurt my family and i won't stop until they are nothing more than a bloody lump on the floor
  • I would grab the phone and call 911 as my husband and I ran out of the house. If someone breaks in, I'm not going to defend anything ... they can have it. I'd rather get out of there and be safe.
  • 20 Gauge Shotgun.
  • A fully loaded .45
  • When you keep a 9mm in the night stand drawer, there is no running necessary if an intruder breaks in.
  • firstly i would just like to say, there are 29 items within reach of me right now that i could kill a man with.... in all seriousnes i would go for the metal baseball bat, pen knife wud be handy if it got into hand to hand.
  • Apparently i collect sharp weapons like swords,knives and darts..So i guess it won't be so hard
  • Depends on which room I'm in, and the circumstances. If I can make it to the door before it gives way, my old scuba spear gun....guaranteed to insure the first one in, is the last to leave. In the kitchen, short spear. In the bedroom, shinken. In the bathroom, a machete. Ain't no place I can be that a weapon I'm skilled in is not in easy reach.

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