• Because we are here to learn and grow and prepare for the next dimension. If we leave here when we haven't finished preparing we enter that realm handicapped.
  • It should be legal in certain cases. It shouldn't be legal if it is against the will of a healthy or competent person.
  • Why not? Well misuse of the system is a serious possibility.
  • Because you'd get too many opportunists killing off old Aunty May for anything from her gold earrings to her million dollar bank account!
  • I think you should ask why should it - 1) plenty of people commit suicide in various ways I cannot even begin to list here's a short list in RI there are a lot of teen accidents and drunk driving accidents no one addresses alcohol because of this it is the individuals choice still 2) plenty of homeless people dieing less than 10 min from the capitol of washington dc or dead already 3) plenty of people smoking weed or cigarettes (both are cancerous i.e. carcinogenic) you don't see any one blowing them off or telling them how to die. 4) plenty of people take harmful methods of suicide instead of peaceful ones who are you to say how a person should feel or live or die.
  • There isn't any rational reasons why euthanasia should be illegal, nor are there any rational reasons why cannabis or gay marriage or abortion should be illegal.
  • It should be
  • There is no logical reason. The resistance is from brainless, self-righteous individuals that insist their brand of morality is paramount to every other concept, belief, or ideology on the planet. On the same token as 'Excalibur' get the same amount of people that exclaim their brand of morality exceeds every other culture on the planet...there is no other...and if you believe anything less than they're the biggest piece of shit on the planet. Then... the PC dregs of society will mod you down on the slightest perception of being even slightly less PC than they are, regardless on their grasp on reality. Popular opinion out weighs common sense and rationality!
  • Okay this is what I think--my opinion--> example --my mom has Alz.. one of the worst things a person could know was in their future. I think people would try to use euthanasia as a way of escaping this illness. There are lots of illness that would be in this cat. and if people have a means they will always find away. So how could we, in the end determine who has the right to choose this for themself? My belief would keep me from ever doing it but I realize if in pain I may not be in my right mind to make such choice. To me it's commeting suicide. IMO

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