• No. Then again, I'm not American...
  • 50?! I drink like one. Or none. But I'm not American.
  • Haha, well, I AM American and I'm lucky to have 1 or 2 a week. Granted, I'm in the minority of people being fit these days over here but wow. 50/month is the average? No wonder everyone's fat.
  • My father usually get about two boxes of soda per week.
  • If you can believe it, yes.
  • No I drink about 12 a day which means I drink more than that a month.
  • Im sure that might be the case in Mississippi. I just couldnt see drinking that much soda. No wonder there is an obesity problem in this country if thats true.
  • I relly never gave this a thought, but lets do some figuring here: 2 cans of diet Coke a day x 30 days = 60! I guess i do. Actually, 10 more per month than the average person. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The people at Coca-Cola must love me.
  • Sometimes I'll have a can at work, but even then that would be an absolute maxuimum of 25 cans a month. Maybe I'll drink 15 a month. 50 would be rediculous.
  • That sounds about right.
  • No, I drink 2-3 per month, if that.
  • No I don't drink soda. Soda makes you bloat. I quit drinking soda a long time ago and ya know what? I lost 10lb's from just that. I'll never pick up another soda again. Well maybe once in awhile.
  • My first reaction was "no", but when I think about a 44oz fountain drink at a restaurant or McDonald's, yeah, I probably do. I think the whole tax thing on soda is stupid. Most people are not affected by soda.
  • jesus christ are you kidding? hell no! That would be 1.5 to 2 cans PER DAY. Now, a lot of delusionals drink tons of diet soda (I laugh at this) with the mistaken idea that it helps them (haha) maintain weight.
  • Shit, I probably drink 3 a day. Either Diet Pepsi or Dr Pepper. I could live on nothing but Pepper for at least 4 months.
  • No, I mostly drink fortified water. I'm trying to be more health-conscious and cut down on the calories in soda. I probably drink a Coke two or three times a week.
  • I drink maybe one or two per month and then it's diet soda/pop about 75% of the time. I don't like the fizz.
  • Not a chance
  • I bet I drink more than that amount equal to 50 cans of what we call "Coke" down here in the south per month. I know, it's bad for you. Hey guess what everything's bad for you. Gotta die from something eh?
  • i dont think i do. i drink tea most of the time. ill have maybe one coke a day to every 2 days. but my main choice of beverage is tea.
  • I drink about 2 cans a year.
  • No.I rarely drink soda after reading about aspartame.
  • I'm not big on any kind of soda. On rare occasion I may have a diet Coke if iced tea's not available. Ice water works, too. About your data, though, for the sake of soda drinkers, I'd keep that info quiet. Congress and other politicians are likely to slap a buck or two tax on it...because so many people enjoy it, that it's obviously "bad for you"...and, drum roll, "it's for the children" of course...and the bastards will get away with it, too! :-( +5
  • No! I drink no soda. It's nothing but chemicals.
  • No where close to that. It would take me a few years to drink that much soda. (Or pop as we say here in Canada).
  • I imagine there are thousands who drink that much soda and more. I quit drinking sodas altogether years ago. An occasional gin and tonic is about as close to a soda as I ever get any more.
  • Not even 50 cans a year...
  • I don't. I used to be so addicted that I conditioned myself to drink them warm straight out of the bottle. I had a driving job and couldn't take time to stop for a glass of ice or another cold one all the time. I drank 2-liter bottles of Coke from the moment I woke up to just before going to bed. It played havoc on my immune system and I found myself getting sick much easier. I have since quit, but my brother is addicted to them and buys them by the case - he always has one open. Right now, he suffers from not being able to walk very well - the muscles in his legs are not strong enough to allow him to put weight on them. He uses a wheelchair to get around. It tears me up to see him like this - I continuously tell him he needs to quit, but he's convinced himself that since soft drinks contain water, they're good for him. I think the condition could be reversed if he'd just throw them away and start drinking water as he should. I think one of the worse things a person can experience is to see a friend or a loved one destroy his life/health and not be able to do anything about it.
    • Linda Joy
      Like living with an alcoholic watching them slowly poison themselves to death.
  • There are 32 grams of sugar in sodas, plus an additional 37 grams of added sugar for a whopping 70+ grams of sugar. Think twice.
  • No, drinking too much soda on a daily basis causes weight gain, tooth decay and health issues.
  • I used to be addicted when I worked fast food. And I drank it constantly throughout the day, but I don't drink it now. I drink water most of the time, sometimes with flavoring.
    • Linda Joy
      cans are only 12oz, right? I usually carry around a 1L. that's 33oz? almost 3 cans/day *30 days? 90 cans? I can definitely see it! 60 would just be 2 cans a day. And sometimes I would fill my bottle twice a day! And it wasn't even diet back then, either!
  • Not even close.

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