• Speak to your supervisor. Be sure of the details that you share.
  • That is a good one. Once I was the night time watchman at a TV station. This was back when VCR's were new. One night a TV turned on by itself and a show came on HBO. It was male strippers at Chippendale's. Somebody was making a recording of it. I told my co-workers about it and found out it was a male co-worker who was gay. A month later I was at the same job and for no reason everything went haywire. Broadcasting equipment didn't work. Nothing worked. I had to call my supervisor in. Then it happened a second time. Yes, I was being sabotaged. For no fault of my own. I can't tell you what to do but I can sympathize with you.
  • #1# Get PROOF. #2# Present that proof to your supervisor.
  • Set anything up to capture them on video with audio too, then take that to your boss. Only way to deal with those losers.
  • make you boss aware of it
  • Tell the boss? Put said saboteur up against wall. Its a criminal offence if anyone sabotaged my work once I've signed my life away declaring the installation safe. Depending what you do it may be a criminal offence to interfere with your things.

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