• For starters they'd be grounded for every day they were suspended, they would have to apologize. their days would be spent doing schoolwork at home and if they ran out, I would come up with some, (copying stock market quotations if nothing more relevant). Only have 20 min for lunch and a couple of 5 min breaks, it would end at the time they normally arrive home after school (and start at the time they normally left). The goal being that they realize that they are lucky to go to school.
  • Grounded, no tv or gaming for 3 weeks and if it ever happens again we sell the game system.
  • I would have to know the details of the situation. Did their teacher deserve to be bad mouthed? I was quite the little insubordinate when I was a wee sketchy mess, so I would probably be lenient. If they just bad mouthed the teacher to be a mean arse then I would make them do something embarrassing like write out a full page apology letter. The catch would be that it would have to convince me before I would let them give it to the teacher... which would conveniently take about three rewrites. They would be on TV, computer, and phone restriction until they perfected their apology.
  • Well first of all i honestly think grounding does pretty much nothing. I always rebelled against it when i was younger and never understood why i was being grounded, because no one bothered to explain. The best thing you can do is explain why you are angry and why they are suspended. Then explain to them in your own way that badmouthing the teacher is unexceptable and that now certain privleges will be taken away. For instance, if your child enjoys video games then say no video games for a month. Of course do something drastic enough that they don't want to badmouth their teacher again. But grounding is a pointless parenting tool ...It's better to take away something that means something to them.
  • Why has the pupil bad mouthed the teacher?Has the pupil been treated inappropriately by teacher. These questions need to be looked at. Kids need to be taught how to handle their frustrations. swearing is not appropriate but some kids are picked on by teacher.
  • depends what my kid was like if he was not normally like that then i would want to know the full story before passing sentance.
  • I would ground them for 2weeks,no friends,phone,ect...
  • well if their mouth was bad then i would threaten to wash it out with soep. (or dishwashing liquid) when i was saying naughty things as i kid i stopped as soon as i heard this! apart from the usual grounding... no toys for a month....
  • in my school days punishments for things at school were handled in school instead of outside it
  • Explain to the child that under no circumstances should they bad mouth anyone or tolerate being bad mouthed. Then march them down to apologize to the teacher and anyone who was haremd by being present to their bad behavior. Have them take the suspension at home but do homework and schoolwork alone during the school hours they would otherwise be doing in class with classmates and teacher. Tell them you are very dissapoointed in them and expect them to live up to what you know they are capable of when they return to school next time. And teach them how to handle whatever feelings came up that led to the bad mouthing in the first place so they dont make the same mistake.
  • Very easy..TAKE AWAY THEIR FAVORITE PRIVILEGES...I grew up in the 1940's and -50's and loved movies.......when I did something 'bad' my mom'd say........'no movies for a month!!".....OMG it was the end of the world...Neither of my parents ever had to lay a hand on me, just took away those privileges; as in, no allowance!! no TV for a week!! and that sort of thing.. BUT it depends on the child.some are tougher than it's hard to say........but at least I hope my experience will give you some ideas!!!
  • 7-16-2017 We need to stop thinking in terms of punishment. A child will do what you tell him just because you are an adult. If you have to beat a kid into submission, you have a major problem. Like you need acting classes or something to learn how to act normal.

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