• Your best bet would be either a local historical society if there is one - depending on how old you think your house may be and how old the area is, local old people who may remember or probably the most reliable would be your local council, if they are allowed to provide that kind of information because of all the privacy laws and stuff and if they can be bothered....but they SHOULD be able to search back to the original permits and rates notices and such. But this is local council and they may charge like wounded bulls for the service, but you should be able to do it over the internet.
  • If plumbing or electrical are original to the home, they often have date codes. Toilets are under the tank lid, electrical on the label with the code info. Otherwise any sort of building/zoning department info.
  • Go to your bathrooms and look at the underside of the ceramic toilet water container. The manufacturer usually stamps the date there and typically toilets don't sit in inventory very long. Other places to check would be mfg dates on appliances, panels or system installations.

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