• they were not staged, and any claims to the opposite are pure bullshit!
  • some people hate change,... ..and people for that matter
  • hmmmm...they could have been. Lots of theories being thrown around. Ever see a movie called "Capricorn One" back in the 70's? That was the whole premise of the movie. The U.S. being in fear of losing the space race to the russians. As you know, in the future whoever controls space militarily can essentially dominate the entire world.
  • My Dad worked at N.A.S.A. in the V.A.B. from 1957 to 1977.... he says it's true and I have no reason not to believe otherwise.
  • You may not believe me, but I met Neil Armstrong myself just a few months ago. I asked questions about the moon landing and I could see from his face that he was telling the truth. -Guiseppe
  • I 67% believe that too. In one of the Russian space walk pics it was proven they were under water in a salt mine. Bubbles in the shot. There are sites with pics of the moon shot scenery and mechanisms. My question is why after 40 years are there no more trips to the big cheese ball?
  • You betcha. Since 1969 (remember Woodstock?) all "scientific advances" have been staged. In 1969 the government began spiking our water supplies with fluoride, chlorine, LSD, GL-70, and Brown-25, to make us gullible so we'll believe whatever they tell us. Even the bottled water has been spiked. Who buys bottled water? The socialist pinko liberal commie Democrats, that's who. How do you think Barack HUSSEIN Obama became president?? The only beverage they haven't spiked is beer--no need to. Beer drinkers are already loopy. People living in remote areas like Kansas, or the wilds of Alaska, or way out in northern Idaho, are safe b/c they have their own private wells. Those folks are the only ones left who know what's really going on. That's why they stock lots of canned goods, boxes of ammo, and extra Bibles under the basement stairs. They are prepared to defend themselves on that fateful day when "they" come. Some call it The Rapture. Others call it Armageddon. Either way, it won't be pretty.
  • This is a question that has already been addressed several times here on AB. So, rather than writing ANOTHER answer, I am just going to refer you to here (
  • Not unthinkable, but highly improbable. Cold war, Bad TV quality and a really big luck to return alive contributed to conspiracy theory. Okkam razor: Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins did it.
  • i think it was real...i think that whoever is like in charge of everybody like da most powerful man or women or whatever in da world keeps alot of knowledge from us the common population(who dont really get deeply involved in politics or anything like dat)i dont kno what reason dey have but i think dats how it goes down :|...ever heard of censored space pics...:D
  • 5-30-2017 A hoax of that magnitude would be a better trick than the real thing.
  • Were they Mormon. The Mormons deny we went to the Moon. Because they teach that Quakers live there.
  • I think it was real.

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