• No, I've never died before.
  • I've had too many OBEs to keep count. It's called Special K. ;-)
  • yeah my ex boyfriend died for a few minutes. his heart stopped in an ambulance after he was in a car crash. very scary.
  • Countless billions of people have died over the course of humanity's existence.
  • I had an experience on two different occasions, one more intense than the other. I don't feel comfortable calling it an out of body experience, but I was definitely in a different state of being. I'll tell you about the first one, which was the more intense. I was listening to music and meditating in a dark but not pitch dark room. I was in a total state of nothingness. Then, it was like I started spinning faster and faster and I was terrified, but I hung on though. I started going at a speed that was paralyzing. After the paralyzing horror, I was floating. I was in a different world. I don't know what I looked like physically at that point, 'cause I was so far in a different world that I don't even know if I had a recollection of my body or the idea of a body or life on earth. I woke up with ridiculous energy and said " WOW !! ". My first thought was damn, I wish someone was looking at me when that happened and could tell me what my body was doing. I'm 27 now. That happened when I was 23.
  • Coming from a Buddhist background (100% Japanese and both parents are from there) that practices ancestry worship, it's not uncommon to hear these superstitious terms thrown about. My brother and I suffer (I mean SUFFER- we're also diagnosed insomniacs) from sleep paralysis often yet my mother is always banking on the experience as some kind of link between her and her dead mother. I suppose you could just describe it as your mind being awake and conscious with zero control over the body. Smoking DMT is an easy way for someone to achieve this feeling because in retrospect people tend to remember (imagine is more like) the entire picture/ usually from above looking down. In that sense I can see where LORD Gorgeous is coming from.

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