• Yes! (if i broke the law i would hand myself in)
  • I'd give them the choice, but it really depends on the crime. Murder or rape and his/her ass is grass.
  • No, I wouldn't.
  • Nope....
  • Depends on how severe. I would judge each case individually depending on motive.
  • depends on the law. Rape or murder? yes
  • Im not a parent now but i would not hand my own child in for petty crimes. However if they committee murder or a very serious crime then i would have to think about it.
  • hopefully it won't get to that, but if it wasn't murder, then we would have a very serious talk
  • It would depend on the crime, but to be honest it would have to be something really dreadful.
  • Yes. My mother turned my brother in when she caught him shoplifting. He was only six though, so she took him down to the police station and told the officer there that he had been a bad boy and needed to go to jail. The officer told my mom there was no more room, but he'd keep my brother in mind. Needless to say, he never stole anything again.
  • Depends what she did. If she murdered someone, I'd take the rap for her but if it was something as stupid as shoplifting, we'd go to the store & admit what she did & apologize
  • I'd give the choice. Either she can turn herself in or I will.
  • yes. they are not above it.
  • it would depend on the crime. i'd try to take the rap for them, but something like drugs/alcohol, i'd turn them in to the cops so they wouldn't do it again.
  • Personally, I would never turn my child into the law. I don't think someone is wrong for doing that, because most of us just do what we think is best for our children. I just think that the law system is not a place that is going to rehabilitate my child better than I can. Once someone is in the hands of the jail system, anything can happen to them, and no one will care. I know people who have died in jail, and they don't treat it like murder, they treat it like it's just some animal that died in a cell somewhere. Now, with that said, if my kid got themselves in trouble and had to go to jail, then they have to do their time like everyone else, and hopefully they learn their lesson. But I won't be the one to turn them in, ever. Those are my kids.
  • No but by their going to wish I had.
  • No but they would probably wish I had. I am a very strict parent.
  • I might very well do that. From what I have seen, not turning them in only delays the inevitable and makes it worse. They get the idea that no one will ever catch them and they can do what they want. They destroy the family and get deeper and deeper in. By the time they finally get caught, it is no longer a misdemeanor. Now they are facing a felony and their life is usually pretty much destroyed. I think I'd rather turn them in when it is just thirty days in jail.
  • If it was something simple, like passing a red light or something then no, I'll just talk to them about it. Now if it was something serious like drugs or robbing or other stuff then ya, I would turn them in hoping they learn their lesson. BTW I'm only 18, but when I do have kids I will do has I said I would.

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