• He went to Yale. He was Governer of Texas and President of the United States for 2 terms. I'm sure in that time he met a number of possible ghostwriters.
  • No it will be a book showing how he made complete fools out of every single person living in America for the past 8 years and we all get to color ourselves. I will pickan invisible color, so when obam and his immigrant government start doing away with White Americans he will not be able to find me.
  • It's true, he has plans. But he's stuck on a title, which is needed to provide shape and direction to the undertaking. I've done my part by offering some suggestions: "My Life: Collideskope of Faileurs" "Muslimism, Civel Libertes, and Other WMDs: Why I Standed Up to All of Them There Things" "Making an Omlet without the Eggs: The Iraq Story" "Any Boy Can Be President and How I Proved Itself"
  • My guess is he will not Damn America in it and I am sure he lots to discuss. video about the coming change included.
  • Bush, well-known for his reluctance to admit mistakes, said his book would include self-criticism. "I want to re-create what it was like," he said. Re-create is the key word here. What many would like to know is the truth about his decision to invade Iraq rather than stay on the trail of Osama bin Laden. Why his administration was the most secret in history? The real story of his National Guard experience would make a good chapter.
  • I am sure that, like many other dumb celebrities, he will use a ghostwriter. In fact, he will probably use so many ghosts that when he is open, he will be able to open his house as "America's Most Haunted".
  • hmmm perhaps you should move on. The rest of the country has
  • I!!t might be good.I sort of miss him.When I could not atand it any more I started looking at it differently.He was really alot better thansaturday night live.Hopefully it will be a COMEDY ALSO!But if a ghost writer no because they`d "fix it" and thereby ruin it.
  • Hate to say it but I sort of miss him.Because after couldn`t stand it any more and had to accept that there was nothing I could do,I began to realise that he was better than Sat.night live.It could be a good book,that gives U.S. what we need now,a good laugh.But not with a ghost writer.He`d fix it thereby ruining it.
  • George Bush’s book will likely be no better or worse than any other politician’s, ghost written or not. He is a poor speaker but not an idiot. For the record I am not a fan of his presidency.
  • Nah, it doesn't need to be a picture book. The Democrats wouldn't buy it anyway. But they can still play with the crayons they own already.
  • well, he did go to yale and graduate successfully, so it will probably not be a picture book.
  • I wish I could give you more than +6. That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • It will be a picture book(even Al Gore's book had picture from when he was in office etc). Crayons will obviously cost extra as they can not be included in the price
  • Well, I hope its not about public speaking
  • I think you all should be ashamed. George could still make finger paintings. Red paint though.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! How can someone who can't read write a book? I hope they get someone good to ACTUALLY write it.
  • One word: FACEPALM.
  • It should be good for a laugh.
  • Yes,only so the lefties can read it.

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