• I don't understand the question. How does hacking 'what' work? It's like asking, 'how does getting work?' Getting what? [edit] By the way, hacking is not about exploiting vulnerabilities or sabotaging networks. Hacking is about finding a solution to a problem. It's unfortunate that the term has gotten this evil stereotype over the years, but ignorance allows the stereotype to flourish. But don't take my word for it - look it up. Here's a site where some real hacking is done: You'll notice it's about de-constructing stuff and finding a way to make it better. It's not about breaking stuff.
  • Finding a vunerability in something and exploiting it. Its not this huge exciting adventure filled experience in the movies.
  • if i knew the answer, i would get in serious trouble...besides, iam "computer illiterate" -its true!
  • Its a process of finding a weakness You scan their ip addressed and try to find any weak ports like TCP, opened or no protection. Then as an intruser scan their recent visited websites, like google, answerbag etc.. Insert a fake web flaw script into their computer camoflauged as the webpage, only works on their computer. Then automatically from your computer, lauch the malicious code, and boom, your in. Then modify the bios, mess it, up, But remember only for educational purposes only.
  • the first basic rule to learning how to hack is learn to program.... second of all no real hacker will teach you their skills you have to earn it. Third and most important Hackers are people that hack at a computer keyboard day in and day out....can you type if so then your already half way there. Crackers are the ones that break codes Crack peoples computers and leave virus's.... Hope this helped. Hack the Planet
  • Hacking works like this: 1. Drink rebull. 2. Turn on techno music. 3. Put on some yellow shades. 4. Get into the main frame! I hope this helped. I've seen it in quite a few movies.
  • Smoke alot of cigerettes and you can become a hacker. Good luck with that.
  • oops i just do what you can boy.

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