• I'm going to let you drive to my apartment! There we will play Scrabble until I'm too sleepy to stay awake! Then, you will be able to drive yourself home! Thanks for playing the Wheel!
  • Do you like hard rock cafe?
  • Your choice!
  • Well that depends what do you like? LOL
  • Were going to go see "Wicked" (Orpheum Memphis) baby and then take a walk on beale street, listen to some blues and jazz and take a ride in a horse drawn carriage.
  • I am going to take you to an expensive store and you are going to try on several dresses until we find the one that makes you look the hotest. We will buy you shoes, a purse, maybe even a hat and all of the lovely things that go on under a dress. Then, to the art musuem to see the three best paintings in the musuem. Then, to the flower shop to buy your favorite flowers. Then, to a romantic dinner. Then, to a quiet spot for some close dancing. Then, a gondola ride through the city to see the lights. Then, I will take you home and give you a very soft kiss on your cheek to say good night and leave you begging to see me the next day.
  • dinner and a movie ok?
  • I am going to take you to the moon and we are going to harvest cheese....
  • Sometimes i wish i could just get away from the city. So we're gonna go to the countryside away from people, shops, mr smog and noisy traffic and have a beautiful picnic. At night we'll just lay there listening to nature and gaze at the stars and moon.
  • Where will I take you? Anywhere you like. As far as you like. What shall we do? Let's see how "far" we can go!
  • I think the song says it all!
  • Lets cook food at either my place or yours... it's cheaper than dining out and more fun. Then we could go hiking or biking or walking, if it's late, we can climb on some buildings and look at the sky. We could go to a park and fly a kite, or grab some beers and shoot some pool. Maybe we could go for a swim, or relax in a Bolivian hammock. We could watch a movie, and practice blowing smoke rings with a hookah. We can listen to music and chat... We could get in the car and drive of on an adventure, listening to music and talking the whole way there. A coffee shop with live music would be nice. Ice cream on a hot summer day. Board games with friends/family? Maybe we'd go out to eat if you really wanted. I mean I don't want to limit our options here. If you like we can fix cars, play guitars, go shopping, work on schoolwork, play video games, or you can teach me yoga and I can stare at your butt. Whatever you are into we can try and incorporate that too. Especially if it involves making out in an elevator.
  • We are going to have a picnic on the beach as we watch the sun go down .... Then; we will change and go bowling or to a movie ; whichever YOU wish ... Afterwards , we will stop and get a nightcap somewhere ... OR we might just head to the DQ for a good nigh dessert ....
  • Nothin beats a big fire a bunch of beat up trucks hangin with good friends listenin to music and havin a good ol time til mornin
  • First to the snake pit, then home to have some trout, then watch king kong sound
  • Sinferno downtown Portland at Dantes sunday night...then if we are hungry afterwards...a stop at Le' Merde for a drink and then right next door for Voodoo Doughnut. I might be expecting something a bit more sweet at the end of the night though.

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