• Looks like a pyramid system. "This company is advertising for "Property Locaters" in major newspapers around the country. They say you can make 40K to 100K or more once you're "certified" after going through their training course. The cost of certification is $399. Has anyone heard of this company or have experience working with them? Any information anyone has on this company would be much appreciated." "Doesn't sound too promising." "Yeah, save that $400. Looks like a big scam to me." "Just an update..... It's crap. They did , however, drastically reduce the price. It's a $4.00 sign-up fee and $9.00 per month OR a $2.00 sign-up fee and $5.00 per month (depending on which e-mail account I check). The site has changed formats 3-4 times, their "live Chat" is not live and it takes 2-3 days to get a response. The site is supposed train you to be a property locator and hook you up with interested investors. There are no investors to be found on the site. I signed up to check it out for somebody. It's basic information. When I attempted to cancel, they offered me 2 free months. Then they charged my credit card anyway. So, I sent them a message that they charged me even though it was supposed to be free. They said they would fix it immediately. It's been 2 weeks and I can't get anyone to even respond to a message from me, and I can't log in at the site either. Good thing I only use pre-paid credit cards for this kind of thing. Hope you saved your $399.00!" "I actually interviewed with the founder of the "company" when they first started and worked in their offices for a few days. They are based in Atlanta, GA and are trying to create an "arena" for investors to buy and sell houses. They recruit "housing bird dogs" or "locators" to find investement grade properties to then list on their website in the wholesale side or market value houses for the retail side. From what I know they've changed their website multipul times because they are just starting out (it started at the begining of this year) and cant seem to get the look they are trying to create. When I was doing it they seemed quite open to what they were doing as far as their strategy and what their goals were. My wife event went to school with one of the guys who has worked for them for about 4 yeas now. However...I began to question their overall goals when, as a property locater, I was asked to come in to the office to recruit other property locators which I would get a "commission" if they signed up. Like I said earlier I tried it for a few days but my goal was to become a real estate investor not a property locater. They did provide training via conference call to become a property locater and on other days on how to invest in real estate, however the whole process was slow and inconvenient to my schedule and wasnt what I was looking for. So I wouldn't call it s Scam, but more of a sales tactic to make money off of people who want to get in to craze of real estate investing (more so Flipping) but are clueless as to how. They take advantage of these property locators by creating a sort of pyramid scheme. I am sure they changed their price to make the whole program more appealing to people who dont want to fork over the $399. My advice: If you're thinking about it, dont do it. Save your money. Just go out and by a some real estate investment books off of the internet and make friends with a few investors and realitors." Source and further information:

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