• A source of great debate. So far I've read that: -The gas cap should be on the opposite side from the muffler / exhaust. -On Euro Imports, the cap is oppisite the driver, on Japanese, it's on the same side as the driver, and on American cars, there's no standard (random?) -Several others that combine or expand on the above two examples. Have fun:
  • I can agree that the fuel capp is usually on the right with European cars and the left with Japanese/American cars. However I have noticed that this is not always the case, and the exhaust can be on the same side as the cap.
  • It's usually on the side opposite the one that is closest to the pump when I pull in to fill up. Having multiple vehicles has its downside.
  • I've driven about 120 vehicles in my life (worked at a dealership too). I have developed my own little rule of thumb for knowing where the tank is. Granted, it hasn't worked 100% of the time, but it has worked %98 of the time for me. This is with imports, domestics, etc. I personally take care of 3 vehicles too and this never fails me. While some cars now say FILL ON LEFT or something like that, an easy way for me to tell is with the tach. From what I've seen, the tank usually gets filled on the same side a the tach in the gauge cluster. So, it the tach is on the left (left of your speedometer) then you will fill the car on the left side, and vice versa. I have a 2006 civic and the tach is in it's own little cluster. So, my rule doesn't work. But, it has a nice little message letting me kow it's on the left. So, again, my PERSONAL rule of thumb is: "Tach on the left, fill on the left. Tach on the right, fill on the right." I've done no research to validate the rule, but like I said it's worked for me. Good luck, Hope this helps
  • not that i know of
  • Nowadays there is a little gas nozzle beside your fuel gauge on the side where your tank opens.
  • Yes, fill your fuel from the side where the fuel door is located!
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