• It will vary slightly depending on where you are on the earth, since all elevation isn't the same. The average distance is 6378 km. This converts to 3963 miles.
  • At the north or south pole it is 3951 miles. At the equator it is 3964 miles. The Earth is not a perfect sphere.
  • If the Earth were a perfect sphere, with a diameter of approximately 8,000 miles, its radius would be half that, about 4,000 miles. But, our planet is flattened at the poles and has features like Mount Everest and deep ocean trenches, so the answer would depend on where you are standing when you measure it.
  • Assuming the Earth is a perfect sphere and the circumference is exactly 25,000 miles, it is 3978.8737 miles or 6,403.37652 kilometers
  • Earth 's dia measures an approximate ,6400kms. hence the centre may be some where near 3200kms away from earth surface .but the earth is not completely its centre may vary from diffrent geographical points on earth.

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