• The suicide bombers don't.
  • It's not necessarily good for your health. They simply report that it is so that people would be more religious. Religious folks are easier to track and manage when you can reach them within the confines of that demographic.
  • It gives one hope when there is none otherwise. It gives one a reason to avoid certain vices which result in premature death. We are social creatures and thrive within a community more than we do in isolation. Being part of a congregation provides a community and more of a support system which promotes health and well being.
  • I think I read an article in PyschologyToday (or some pych article) about a study that claimed that those who have some type of religion (peace based) or meditation are often calmer and live longer. I think some of the reasons listed were: - group activities - calmer - prayer/meditation often let people feel more relaxed - the fact that there is a sense of someone else looking out for you (allows you to accept things as they are, work through hard days to get to blessings) I can't remember all of theories but I think that covers a good portion of it.
  • I am just fine with dying young
  • I'm actually shocked I've lived this long. =P
  • I'm not sure that what you say is true. I'm going to die when I die.
  • Dying younger? A coward dies a thousand deaths. But a brave man lives more in a day than those slaves who live a hundred years. I'll take freedom thank you very much.
  • The reason that being "religious" is good for your health has to do with the fact that those who are religious, tend to pray more. (Or quiet themselves to listen to God). When one is in a prayerful (or meditative state) it is good for the mind, body, and soul. It slows down the heart rate, reduces blood pressure, calms breathing to where one breathes deeper and gets more oxygen. That being said, you don't have to be "religious" to enjoy these same benefits. Many who do not see themselves as religious, yet spiritual, may have similar experiences.
  • Define religious and then define younger - then we can talk about it!
  • Being religious is good for the mind and soul and spirit. Can't tell you about non-believers, you'll have to ask them.
  • Being happy in religion is being happy in God and that causes less stress and longer life.
  • I don't know why being religious is good for your health. I know being positive and happy is certainly good for your health.
  • I'm actually ok with dying younger. Lets face it, having a few extra years at the end of your life isn't exactly ideal. If they could be crammed into your 20's or 30's then it might be worth a punt.
  • Who said that religion is good for your health? And what does that have to do with the next question? Are you suggesting - or perhaps threatening to - end the life of non-believers at an early age?
  • I'm not worried about it, because statistics are averages. And really, who's to say that living longer is a good thing when most of the very elderly suffer from Alzheimers and are too feeble to live at home? That doesn't sound like a good quality of life. I am OK with the possibility of dying younger. And I am not sure that religion is good for everyone. Having a peaceful, minimally stressful life is what leads to health and longevity. Sometimes, religion doesn't provide peace.
  • Because Religious people oppress the non-believers, and the non-believers get very stressful and angry, which is not good for their health.
  • I didn't know this but c'est la vie. I'd still rather live for today than hold onto the idea of an afterlife.
  • If this statement is true, it is because truely religious people have faith, thus reducing stress. The lack of stress alone will prolong a life. But you can obtain these results by having faith in yourself and knowing who you truely are.
  • Please provide a reference to a peer reviewed study published in a reputable scientific journal that supports your contention. If you can provide the evidence it might be worth seeking an explanation for it. For myself, I doubt that it is true that religion is good for anybody's health, especially mental health.
  • i personally believe that if you are religious you are more optimistic and i have heard that optimistic people live longer.
  • Depends on which religion you believe in. Christians seems to be the most depressed group of people. Especially those strict Christians where you can't date until you're ready for marriage, you can't go out and see any "R" rated moves, myspace is evil, you can't go dancing, you must always attend BORING bible class, every wednesday, saturday and twice on sunday (morning and night). Christians seem to hate everything. (gays, abortions, democrats, public schools, R rated movies, every other religion because their religion is the only "true" religion". They seem to be oppressed and the one who attend "home schooling" lack social skills, and other assets that are taught at public school. History, Social Science, Science, Chemistry, Math, Philosophy, Psychology, etc etc... So what if Public School students can't quote a verse in the bible.
  • Spirituality is powerful. If it weren't, people wouldn't get so worked up about how religious organizations exploit it.
  • Some of it is the vices they often don't have like overdrinking or smoking, no drugs, some are vegetarians or no caffeine, less STDs. They tend to be more peaceful, calm from prayer or meditation, less anger in their lives and more forgiveness, clear positive goals for the future, optimistic, more honest so less stress from lying.
  • It is the way that the Creator wired us, how we are made. At Matthew 5:3 Jesus said: “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.”
  • Well religious people are less stressed and they have someone who they belive is going to help them with their problems, they also have more faith and they believe there is something great awaiting them when they die. Religious people also believe they will be forgiven for their mistakes. It is a healthier way to live since faith is the main aspect of religion. Along with this it is more relaxing to spend your life believing in a higher power and an afterlife. I am not religious but when I struggle with anything everytime I go to a person with a religious belief they always mention god and having faith in him and how this will help me in my situation. It seems pretty healthy but I don't think it is. I think it's unhealthy to think all your problems can be solved through faith and the belief of a higher power. As for dying early I don't see a problem everyone time comes early or late I think when your time is up it is up.

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