• Il miss them but im sure i can get over it:( *LOL* :)
  • nothing works for me, Ive tried 5 times to comment on this 1 question! it wont even add the points!
  • This is at least the fourth day that the AB site has experienced problems. Many ABer's have questioned whether or not the problem is with their computers or with their servers. I have not seen anything from AB Administrative Staff alerting Members of the problem, nor advising them that they are working on it. In fact, we don't know whether or not they are even aware of it, although I know that some Members have reported it by means of the Feedback feature below. That is disappointing. Not only are comments many times not posting, answers themselves are, when submitted, reported to have been downloaded...but, then, do not appear in the actual thread. This can be extremely frustrating to those who have framed a well thought out, lengthy answer only for it to "disappear". In such cases, I have urged ABer's to use the right click, copy feature to preserve the answer before submitting, then check it to see that it actually entered the thread. If it doesn't one may paste it in, say, their Word Perfect to re-post it later when the site has been "repaired". OK, I'm going to attempt to post this answer. I'll take my own advice and right click copy it just in case. Let's see how it goes. I post this answer to assure you that you are not the only Member suffering this inconvenience...and to let other ABer's know, as well. +5 [I'm pleased to see that it posted...naturally! I copied it! Had I not, I'd be totally pissed at myself! :-)]
  • This is the fourth time I'm trying to answer this, my first three responses vanished! No worries on the comments, too many other glitches are ruining my ABing right now.
  • This is the fourth time I'm trying to answer this, my first three responses vanished! No worries on the comments, too many other glitches are ruining my ABing right now.
  • It's understandable. The last few days have been very slow. It even shut down Friday night. Too many people on the site I suppose
  • I think we are all in the same boat, AB has become almost unuseable for me in the last few days, answers and comments vanish, thats if it lets me answer at all :-(
  • It's 11:47 GMT now! I tried to logon about 4 hours ago but AB was unavailable saying "Please try later" So, someone iswas trying to sort it out, whatever it is! I should add that I've been away for several months and pages used to load instantly, within a second at worst! Now the only problem I seem to have is that it takes a long time for pages to load, approx 15 seconds. Everything else appears to work fine.
  • No problem. You are not alone on this boat.:)
  • It is frustrating to say the least.
  • I just clicked on my "View my profile and activity" page. Everything...EVERYTHING... relating to my points has been erased!!! Maybe AB4China has hacked into the site! :-) Think I'll go to my on-line banking and see if there's anything left in my accounts!!!! :-) This is TOO weird...and not even any kind of official word from AB Administration that I'm aware of, or seen! This is the fourth day of least! That's kind of shabby! :-(
  • ive been having lots of problems too ,im lucky ive managed to log in today as yesterday and most of today ive been unable to,its also taking ages to load so i think ill call it a day and try later or tomorrow,hopefully by then the peoblem should be sorted.
  • Sure I'll forgive! You can stop posting "Thank you" and just comment on the really funny ones!
  • It's a serious problem. Encourage people to complain about it on the blog if you want to see some movement.
  • Soooo glad, but sooo sad that I'm not alone in with this problem. I thought it was key words or something, as when I looked around when I was having probs, no one else seemed to be affected yet. Well, so much for my conspiracy and/or blacklisted theory. lol
  • Yes, don't worry!
  • but of course! ;D
  • No problem, you're forgiven. Everyone seems to be having the same problems.
  • No problem. Shoot, doing well if you can even get points to stick. Yesterday and today have been days I'd not like to see again. Here's a loooooong answer I wrote here this morning, if you're interested ... Should I post that url on the blog?
  • I'm sure everyone will understand. This place has been a mess for several days!!
  • Just give me the points and less of the small talk ; )
  • looks like we are back again

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