• In my opinion..I would go with the golden retriever.
  • I've had many dogs, and the most lovable, playful one was my Lab/Chow mix named Bear. Had him for 5 years. Best pet in the world.
  • Chihuahua - i love the chi's Small dog, big personality, just keep your ankles back and out of view from the little darlings and you'll be fine round them. Snap happy little souls.
  • Chili cheese dog with onions and jelopeno peppers!
  • Well I work at a grooming shop and from my experiences I have to say that Shih Tzu's are a very loving and sweet breed.
  • labrodor are very plasid and very obedient and smart. Great for people with families and little kids. They love there food so you have to be careful not to get them overwieght because almost all the time they are going to get back/hip problems. Being overweight puts pressure on the hips and can lead to early arthitus. Otherwise very loveable. The chocolate coloured ones are very cute, so are the black and yellow lol
  • My brother is blind and we have 2 labrodor dogs ( both choc.)there great dogs!

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