• at some point in their lives, yes thats true.
  • Yup they can be cruel :(
  • Yes they are brought up around that action also.
  • They are cruel until they learn not to be. Just like they shit themselves until they learn not to.
  • Of course. The best of kids need to learn stuff. My daughter was not cruel, in fact, she was the most concerned little thing. Had to teach her not to eat her snot, though.
  • I think they can be but my son knows if I find out he is he will not like the outcome. I have taught him to respect others! I was raised the same way. +5
  • yes i think all kids can be cruel at times.
  • I guess they can !! But not all ..
  • Mainly through ignorance, not knowing any better, a healthy imagination. I have known very kind and considerate children so I would say apparently not so?
  • If you mean the potential exists, I suppose it could. If you mean all children are cruel then I disagree with you totally. Some childrenare mean, cruel and unkind at a very early age. These are the ones who tear the wings off of flies and pull hard on tails of pets..these are the ones you have to watch because chances are they have the potential of escalating this violence to humans. But some children are very kind, thoughtful, well-behaved, respectful and a pleasure to be around. I would find it very difficult to imagine them doing anything that could be considered cruel. :)
  • True, they don't have the difference between right and wrong completely ingrained in their morals yet.
  • True..of course.... if they want to they can & will be.
  • Not completely true.
  • Yes you're right, they are.
  • Yes they can be..although they should be taught by their parents, not to be. :)
  • I have seen tons of children, and then there are my two. There is a stark difference. It's no accident! I capitalized on their naturally sweet, tender hearts and taught them how to feel care and concern for others. My kids aren't cruel at all.
  • Children are really tender.They are not born with any inbuilt qualities.They pick things up from society and family.They do what they see.The childhood stage is the stage of moulding emotions.They are just like wet clay and take the shape as you want them to be. For god sake never blame children.Blame the family and the surrounding who are the driving force behind how they behave. And my answer is no,all can't be but,some could be depending on the above mentioned factors. Oh yeah Just check this out. It's really helpful and backs my answer well.
  • I say true because they don't know any better. At that age they are still learning the rules of etiquette so they are going to say and do things that are considered rude or mean. Its when adults do it that makes it even worse.

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