• some of it could be anger, a lot of the time faking a rape is just for attention
  • They should be locked up. Why so harsh? because they are the type of woman who makes it difficult for women who have been raped to be taken seriously.
  • I can't stand it, just like I hate when I watch people get fired or put on unpaid leave for false sexual harrassment charges
  • They should be given a similar sentence as a rapist. This might let them see a small part of the severity of making a false accusation of rape.
  • I feel be honest, I'm currently in the middle of it. This woman thought she's the untouchable, and after I informed her that I was prefering disciplinay charges against her she claimed sexual harrassment.....she gave three different versions (all sworn)....internal hearing cleared me (and that led to hr being dismissed from work); the criminal case cleared me; and now she's lost the first leg of her civil case.....sometimes I feel sorry for her as I believe there's something seriously wrong with her but most of the time I'm angry at her because her actions are not helpful to the fight against women abuse by men in powerful positions!!!!
  • Disgusted..I personally believe these women need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law..Rape is not a joke and not a weapon for angry can wreck a guys life being accused, even when found not guilty..and it makes it harder for women who have actually been raped.
  • I think they're cold hearted bitches. Why ruin a mans life because you're hurt or angry?
  • Having been accused falsely of a sex crime a few years ago, even after being proven innocent, my life was still ruined. I had no recourse as a public school teacher. I didn't lose my job for that reason (but I did get laid off with 240 other teachers two weeks later!) Women who do this know they can ruin a man and there isn't much he can do about it. It even killed a twenty year marriage.
  • I think they should get the same punishment a rapist would get if they committed the crime, just an allegation can ruin a mans life and it makes it hard for people to take women seriously about rape, as it is.
  • That they are nasty.
  • While it is usuall no fault of the accused, the woman has usually been abused ormolested in the past.these Woman have no excuse however, because this is a choice they make, to falsely accuse.its absolutely awful that this happens andittakes away fom tue victims of rape.
  • I think they are dangerous women. They clearly are ethically raping the man. This may seem a strong term, but, by that, I mean that they are violating the dignity of the man, and leaving him with life-long effects of the accusation - the same outcome as if they had been raped themselves. They also damage the cause of genuine cases. How often are women who cry rape treated as if they, too, are under investigation? Even the term 'cry rape' has overtones of false accusation! If a genuine case is treated badly or unfairly because of the number of false accusation, then the women who accuse falsely are also guilty of raping the genuine cases - in that, by forcing genuine women to face an inquisition to prove that they were indeed raped, they face the indignity of probing - this time by the courts, and life long effects of the court case as well as the rape. So, in short, women who make false accusations ethically rape the men whom they accuse, and also rape the women who are genuine. Those women who make false accusations are ethical rapists themselves, and should be treated as such.
  • They disgust me.
  • I think they should be beaten.
  • Maybe they want attention and don't care who they hurt in order to get it.
  • Accusing someone of a crime falsely is a crime.
  • The same thing I think about men who accuse women of getting pragnant from somebody else because they do not want to be responsible for the child or have anything to do with it.
  • Its more accesible incriminating the male of their dominance, than taking personal responsibility
  • Certainly does scare me, a few of my friends have already been through it.
  • I think it's evil. I also think rape is evil. And I think women falsely accusing men of rape, and getting away scot-free, is FAR, FAR more rare than men raping women and getting away scot-free. False rape accusation are not as common as people seem to think. I mean, obviously one false accusation would be too many, but it seems to me that EVERY accusation of rape is treated as though it's made up, even though it's like - what, 3% that actually ARE?

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